2nd Annual Dark Market



       The Goth commuinty has always been none to be crafty and creative. Finally they put all of these crafters together in this parking lot in Brea were they hold mazes at Halloween time. It was really cool to see the stuff that was there. Everything from hair accessories, to hand crafted jewerly and home made craft decorations. Even though it was almost 100 all day most of the women were dressed up in their Gothy appearl and doned the famous corset. I must applaud them for their bravery. When it comes back up in October this is definatly on my list of place to go back with more money. As it is I bought a hair bow from Sic Nick which I was able to pick out my own bow and the center piece. It is always nice to be able to create what you want and even pick out the side you were it on. Not only was I able to do that but I also found come hand made soap which I am always a sucker for. My attention was caught because the owner was wearing an Elizabeth Bathory shirt .Over all it was a great little find. It was not that big but I could have easily blown more money if I would have had the chance. I did not go through the maze because I did not want to go alone and my sister wouldn't go with me and that stuff is no fun alone!


The company is also starting a bar so like them on facebook and they are having 4d movie nights which if you are a fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show you will love it!



and for the soap hedgehogsoap.com