Adore, the film


Alright so before I even begin to talk about the film, can we discuss that hugely awkward thing known as "second-hand embarassment"? I mean we've all experienced it at least once in our lives; someone makes an embarassing speech or eats shit in front of a group of people and for some reason we too feel like we should just crawl under a rock right next to that person because we are just SO embarrassed for them. Yeah, those moments are real. Well imagine that ongoing feeling for 112 minutes and you have the film Adore.

While it has a decent cast, Naomi Watts and Robin Wright whom are lovely, that's all the praise I can sing about the film. (Well and the fact that one of the leading men, Xavier Samuel, is almost too beautiful to look at for longer than like a minute at a time). Anyhow, the film itself was just so awkward.

**SPOILERS** The story follows two disturbing, and frankly, basically incestual relationships between two older women and two younger men. The disturbing factor comes into play when you realize these women who have known eachother since birth and raised their sons as brothers basically, are dating EACH OTHER'S SONS. What. YEAH. What's worse is they know and encourage each other to do so while the four begin to spend time together as couples. What, WHAT. YEAH I KNOW.

Now, I'm all for strange or even risque films. Foreign films are usually my favorite ones and so many of those explore taboo subjects, yet there was something about the way this story was executed that just made it so unsettling. I just felt very uncomfortable the entire time and I honestly can't think of way for a plot like this to not be uncomfortable. I guess this is one of those books that should have been left as such without a film adaptation.