Britney Spears “Piece of Me”




Britney Spears was one of those people that I never thought I would be able to see. Not only are her shows way out of my price range, but with the type of music I review people would never give me a chance to review her. I was lucky enough to work for a wonderful woman who bought me some tickets for the “Piece of Me” show here in Vegas and let me tell you this was an amazing event. I have heard a lot of bad press around it, oh she lip syncs oh she never has it together and to those hater I want them to suck mine and Britney's dick because the show I saw was great. I have been a Britney fan since I was 11, turning 27 next month this is a long time love. There were some dark years where it wasn't “gothic enough” to like her but you what I have to say to that? Fuck you go listen to some Britney because it great.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I sat in my seat but I was excited to see all the theatrics that went into this show. For her first song “Womanizer” she dropped down in a cage like ball and being a theater person I was excited to see where it was going to go from there. I was not disappointed in the least bit. And in her defense if she is lip syncing to most of those songs I get it. How the hell can you dance like that and sing perfectly? I went to see a show and I got show, lip syncing or not I don't care, I'll happily go see her show again after they revamp it. And by the way she actually sings a few songs in her set and you can tell because she does not dance and has a regular mic like every other band I have every reviewed.

One of m favorite fazes of the show was the performances to “Slave to You”. I loved the Cabaret feel that went with the show. I thought the chair dancing was so amazing and so old school Liza Minnelli that my little theater heart squeaked with glee to see my bitch dancing like a classic burlesque dancer. Then there was the Circus part of the show. Spears coming out in a ring of fire to perform the show was something I was not expected but I loved it none the less.

In general there was and is a lot of work that goes into this show. For songs like “Toxic” they started it differently and even had a tree she came out on with rain in different patterns that feel down from the ceiling. These dancers and Spears work hard every night they perform and I do not think they get enough credit for all the work that they put into a show like this. This would not be something that could tour and it is a privilege to be able to say that one was able to see her on her residence like seeing Elvis back in the day. Spears held true to what a Vegas show is suppose to be and I am glade that she will be here for another two years because I can name 2 friends who need to see it and another who like me need to see this again. Everything from the costumes to how the choreography was set up was amazing. And when I have the extra money I will buy myself a Britney Bitch shirt because she needs to be apart of my wardrobe. I could care less if it is not metal or gothic enough I love her and I loved the show.