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The New York Times Presents “Look West”

The New York Times has designed a new event for us here on the West Coast. It is starting off in San Francisco and then it is moving down to L.A. It is called “Look West” which is going to put a whole new spin on art, technology, and media which is prompt discussion with […]

Wattpad [pic]


    A while ago I happened upon a website that I thought was really awesome, for many reasons that I will get to, and that site is Wattpad. Many of you may have heard of it, hell you may even be avid users, while others have no idea what I'm talking about. Let me […]


Chuck Palahniuk announces Fight Club Sequel

               If you are apart of the Chuck Palahniuk cult like myself then you heard that over the weekend Palahniuk announced he will be writing a sequel to Fight Club. Not only do we get a sequel to the widely successful novel but it is in graphic novel format.  (Insert girly scream here) […]