Book Reviews


Slaughter House Five by Kurt Vonnegut

    This was a paper for my Theory class but I really do love it so here it is;   The Underrated Slaughter House Five There are many serious out today that help to keep the world a better place and by better place it is meant that novels like 1984, Fight Club, Harry […]


The Gods of Asgard

                                                                            One of the most interesting reads I have read in a long time is the comic book […]


Chronicles of a Death Foretold

                In 1981, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a year shy of winning his Nobel Prize in Literature, released Chronicles of a Death Foretold to the world.  It tells a non-linear story of the murder Santiago Nasar, a cattle rancher.  The murder is perpetrated by two other men, who are twin brothers seeking to bring […]


Harry Potter is more then a Fantasy Tale

                     Harry Potter is one of the most talked about book series of all time. Love it or hate it at some point in time you have come across it. I happened to be a very big Harry Potter. I waited to reread the series till […]



    One of the most disturbing novels I've ever read, yet one of my favorites nonetheless is Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita. Being a hard core fan of English Literature (I know it's hard to understand to most people) I spend my free time completely lost in classic novels. For the past two weeks I've been […]


Invisible Monsters Remix

                                  Chuck Palahniuk had a chance to put out Invisible Monsters the way that he wanted to and if you read the beginning of the Remix, he explains as to why he did it. As a huge fan of Invisible Monsters happens to be one of my favorite as well […]


The Post Office

    So if you’ve never picked up a novel, or anything else, written by Charles Bukowski then I don’t really know what you’ve been doing with your life. Bukowski is blunt, offensive, crude and one of my favorite writers of all time. Sure he doesn’t have the eloquence of Shakespeare or the profound mind […]



                  After a few years of my best friend telling me I just had to read this novel, I finally picked it up a few weeks ago and I am so glad I did. I finished it within few days after I started reading it because I […]

Howl Review

    The best way to begin this first book review is to begin with Howl and other poems by Allen Ginsberg. Published in 1956, his poetry is the landmark of what the beat neck community was. Much of the influences have of course crossed over to today. The book starts off with an introduction […]