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Hunger Game Covergirl Make-up Review

            Before the second Catching Fire came out Covergirl had put together a make up collection for the movie. Not only are the colors bright, but also this is the make up they had used on the actually movie set.  With make up artist like Ve Neil working on the set […]

Vegan Dr. Martins

    I realize I may be a bit late to the party, but I recently found out about Vegan Dr. Martens! *insert H

The Heebie Jeebies

    Being a society where we've managed to find a way to complete almost every task through some form of electronic device, it's no shock that some of us value our electronics almost as much as we value our lives. Okay that may be a bit exaggerated…or is it? Either way, our devices like […]

Fashion Week all Over the World

    I’m sure many of you, if you don’t follow fashion week, have at least heard the name. These four weeks make up one of the most important months in the fashion world. New York, Milan, Paris and London make up the four most popular cities for fashion week. These are the shows that […]

OPI San Francisco Nail Polish Collection

As I sat in the back room of the salon I work at, eating my caprese sandwich and flipping through one of the salon’s magazines, I saw the ad for OPI’s fall/winter 2013 collection: San Francisco. I immediately let out a loud “ooooo!” because it is one of those collections that I was instantly drawn […]

What is a Shitty Tattoo, Part one of Isaac Abril artwork

                        What is a shitty tattoo? Do you really know what a shitty tattoo is? It seems like people lately have decided that if they do not understand what the tattoo means then it is a shitty tattoo. I don’t know if this is something they don’t realize […]

Armania Contuines to Amaze on the set of Paranoia

As I was browsing through Vogue’s website, as I normally do, I happened upon to come upon an article stating that Giorgio Armani worked on the set design, as well as a few clothing pieces, for the new film Paranoia starring Liam Hemsworth.  When I read this all I could think was “no wonder I […]

Selena Gomez Neo Line

      When you take different styles like Sporty, Casual, and Rock Chic and wrap them all up into a girly fit with a splash of glitter you get Selena Gomez’s new line for Neo Adidas and it’s awesome.                   Now seeing as I adore Selena Gomez and think she’s one of the few […]

High Waister Shorts the Do’s and Don’ts

So the summer months are upon us and you all know what that means—shorts, skirts, and dresses galore! While all of these clothing items can be fun and fashionable, there is always the lingering problem that is the popular high-waist shorts. The high-waist trend is still going strong and while that’s great, we have the […]

30 Day Nail Polish Challenge Desirae Espinoza Edition

Both Kelsey and Desirae did the nail challenge together for the month.      So this month I used “Brushstroke Blush” from the Finger Paints polish line. This was the closest color I could find that matched Kelsey’s Oz polish so we could provide some different design perspectives using the same or similar nail colors.    […]

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