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30 Day Nail Polish Challenge Kelsey Bowen’s edition

             Some of us are not that lucky to own a plethora nail polish colors. So I decided that I wanted to do a 30 nail polish challenge with one color.  Let’s be honest even if you do own a ton of nail colors you buy that one color that you love and you know […]

Shirts with Crappy sayings, why Couldn’t they have Stayed Gone?

Remember when you were in the 7th grade and that one kid would always come in to class clad in some t-shirt that was two sizes too big with a very "clever" saying on it?? Remember how we all hoped they would just stay locked away in the vault that is junior high shame? Well […]

How to Wear Leggings.

Now while we know that the legging as pants trend is definitely popular right now, it is a risk because it is very easy for an intended chic look to go disastrously wrong. I don’t know how many times I have been out and seen a girl sporting a crop top with sheer leggings leaving […]

Studs are back are you ready for this?

                                             Fashion always makes its way around, let’s look back to 2003/2004 fashion movement of the metal zippers, studs and spikes. Those were the days and recently those days are making their way back […]

Zara Spring Fashion 2013

ZARA 2013 SPRING/SUMMER COLLECTION      One of the best things about the changing of the seasons is the change of fashion that follows. Living in Southern California we don’t get a lot of changing weather, but we have TONS of changing styles. When Zara released their 2013 Spring/Summer collection I was extremely excited because I […]

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