Why Ross was the Worst in Friends

As many of us have seen, Friends has been on Netflix for a while. For a long time I didn't watch more then the first season. From the beginning Ross was the worst, he was always correcting people, pretty sexist and he had an issue as to what being a man is. Through out the […]


VNV Nation August 20th, Santa Ana Observatory

                                        VNV Nation had played another fabulous tour in North America, unlike many of the tour before were the focus had been classic hits like “Chrome”, this tour was the Empire/Automatic Tour. For those people who are not aware, […]

Stop making me feel like a freak; a letter about being under sexual

            The last few days I have been getting reversed slut shammed, I have been shamed for not having enough sex. Yes this happens, I happen to be a little odd, having had sex once in almost two years, this makes people uncomfortable and comments like well that sounds like a […]


Cult of Fake, the album of 2016

 The Cult of Fake is the newest album from Angelspit and like the last album it is mainly Zoog Von Rock on vocals. This however is not like the older discography, instead this sound is more of the EDM variety. I did not like this album the first listen to, aside from the first and […]


Why We Shouldn’t Be Attacking Our Own Team

There is no surprise to what life after Trump has been elected has become. Most people are pretty upset still and much of what we have seen has been nothing short of a circus. However we have seen a surge of Republicans that have been on our team and  by team I mean they are […]

Combichrist - This Is Where Death Begins (2500 x 2500)

Combichrist “This is Where Death Begins”

              Combichrist put out a new album, “This is Where Death Begins” last month and it is worth listening to. The styling that Andy LaPlegua has gone for has changed quite a bit, instead of the pure industrial sound that many of us have listen too for over a decade, […]


Andrew W K past interview

      This is an article that orginally appeared on lifeabove11.com MArch 2012.    There are no real words to describe Andrew W K’s show. His shows are one of those things that you need to see in order to fully appreciate the art, talent, songs, and anything else you can think of that […]


Slaughter House Five by Kurt Vonnegut

    This was a paper for my Theory class but I really do love it so here it is;   The Underrated Slaughter House Five There are many serious out today that help to keep the world a better place and by better place it is meant that novels like 1984, Fight Club, Harry […]


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks and all Their Glory

    There has been a huge upsurge of liquid lipsticks lately and some of them are not as great as other. Honestly some of them are extremely drying and they ball up all around your lips which makes you feel really disgusting. Jeffree Star Liquid Velour Lipsticks are not apart of this group though, […]


Metal Allegiane Count Vamp’d 1/9/2016

        Metal Allegiance played a very small tour on the West Coast and one of the few stops was at a tiny bar called Count Vamp's. The make up of this band is a super group of amazing metal musicians, and they played not only a few of their own songs but […]

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