Chronicles of a Death Foretold

                In 1981, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a year shy of winning his Nobel Prize in Literature, released Chronicles of a Death Foretold to the world.  It tells a non-linear story of the murder Santiago Nasar, a cattle rancher.  The murder is perpetrated by two other men, who are twin brothers seeking to bring […]


The Dispensary Las Vegas

  While walking into the lush environment of the Dispensary I didn't think that I would be walking into a restaurant type of establishment. The way that it was set up was like walking into a Jazz bar that had not been refurbished since it opened. One of the first things that struck me was […]


Septic Death

Attachments_20141031     Violence spreads across the floor of the venue as filthy, bloodied bodies slam dance around a pit to the ear deafening sound of punk rock. For fun, for expression, or for a way out. In the late 1970’s thru on to the early 80’s a new form of punk rock began erupting, […]


The Rocky Horror Picture Show Mac Make up Bust

          Mac came out with one of the best anniversary collection, The Rocky Horror Picture Show . There were a lot of people from all ages excited for this collection to come out and within 14 minutes a large selection of products were gone. This would ordinarily be a great thing […]


Combichrist Glass house October 11th

      On October 11th many bands had graced the stage of the Glass House which for fan is always a win because it is an up close and personal show. Combichrist had many bands that were playing with them that night and one of them happens to be Davey Suicide. With the new […]


Davey Suicide New Album “World Wide Suicide”

      The Sophomore album from Davey Suicide is out now and it is the things you want to hear from a second album. Unlike many counter parts to the second album, there was not a lost vision of I'm awesome and you will like this album because I made its. Instead there was […]


The New York Times Presents “Look West”

The New York Times has designed a new event for us here on the West Coast. It is starting off in San Francisco and then it is moving down to L.A. It is called “Look West” which is going to put a whole new spin on art, technology, and media which is prompt discussion with […]


Wine Amplified October 11, 2014

               It was the 9th annual Wine Amplified at the MGM Villas. This was quite an adventure to say the least. They have a cashless systems which is you can load up at 25 dollar increments on you writs band so you can buy you alcohol and your shirts without having to […]


The New Fall Season has Arrived!

    **Disclaimer this may contain some spoilers which will be indicated by: "**insert spoiler**". (Honestly, they're minimal so just read the damn article. Besides, it's kind of your fault for not being on it so there's that.  Don't binge watch new seasons! Don't be so obnoxious.) One of the best things about Fall besides […]


Steve “Zetro” Souza Part 1

            I hate to have to do this but I am in the middle of mid terms and I would rather post this interview in two parts then wait any longer. This is a great interview I did with Souza. It is always great to discuess things that are still […]

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