VNV Nation August 20th, Santa Ana Observatory

                                        VNV Nation had played another fabulous tour in North America, unlike many of the tour before were the focus had been classic hits like “Chrome”, this tour was the Empire/Automatic Tour. For those people who are not aware, […]


Metal Allegiane Count Vamp’d 1/9/2016

        Metal Allegiance played a very small tour on the West Coast and one of the few stops was at a tiny bar called Count Vamp's. The make up of this band is a super group of amazing metal musicians, and they played not only a few of their own songs but […]


Cradle of Filth House of Blue 2/16/2016

  Cradle of Filth had finally made their way back to America for their Witches of Hammer Tour. For those of you who do not know, the last time that Cradle was set to have an American tour they were not able to because America would not grant them visa's which is very confusing because […]


Korn featuring Suicide Silence 10/23

      Suicide Silence was the second band to play before Korn at the House of Blues on October 23rd. The stage was set up for Korn so there was not a lot of space to be had for the fairly large band but that did not stop them from keeping up a high […]


Skinny Puppy The Hard Rock Live Las Vegas 10/30

  Skinny Puppy started their tour Down the Socio Path with Youth Code at the Hard Rock live on all Hallows eve this year. Youth code is a band that they have toured with before so it was not like they were uncomfortable or nervous to be opening for such a band. I would like […]


Britney Spears “Piece of Me”

    Britney Spears was one of those people that I never thought I would be able to see. Not only are her shows way out of my price range, but with the type of music I review people would never give me a chance to review her. I was lucky enough to work for […]


One Eyed Doll’s New Video

One of our favorite bands here at H.S. put out this awesome new music video for their song "Afflcited" and let me tell you it is one kick ass video. Not only did they spend a lot of time doing it but they also stuck to many of the historical events that happened during the […]

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Ragdoll at Count Vampd 5/30/2015

      Like many hard working bands Ragdoll does everything themselves. It is always nice to hear a band who not only keeps in contact with me letting me know why they are late (some bands sure can take a que) but they also had a great sense of humor. I am sadden that […]


Graveyard, Clutch and Mastodon at House of Blues LAs Vegas 5/1/2015

                                   Graveyard was the opening act for Clutch and Mastodon and unlike many opening bands, they held their own with these power house metal bands. A lot of opening bands have people who like to leave during their performance, […]

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