Sabaton and Nightwish House of Blues 4/30/2015

                                                                                            Sabaton was one of the opening acts for Nightwish […]

One Eyed Doll at The Dive 4/25/2015

                                   One Eyed Doll played at this little bar called The Dive over the weekend. Personally I was expecting some shitty sound only because of how the bar was laid out but much to my surprise and happiness this […]

The Dispensary Las Vegas

  While walking into the lush environment of the Dispensary I didn't think that I would be walking into a restaurant type of establishment. The way that it was set up was like walking into a Jazz bar that had not been refurbished since it opened. One of the first things that struck me was […]

Combichrist Glass house October 11th

      On October 11th many bands had graced the stage of the Glass House which for fan is always a win because it is an up close and personal show. Combichrist had many bands that were playing with them that night and one of them happens to be Davey Suicide. With the new […]

Wine Amplified October 11, 2014

               It was the 9th annual Wine Amplified at the MGM Villas. This was quite an adventure to say the least. They have a cashless systems which is you can load up at 25 dollar increments on you writs band so you can buy you alcohol and your shirts without having to […]

Skinny Puppy The Observatory Santa Ana

Here are some Skinny Puppy picture I took when I reviewed it for OC Weekly which you can read here.   I am not much of a photographer but I am proud that I took these which is the first time I ever used a really nice camera. I hope you enjoy them.     […]

Mayhem Fest 2014

               There are some interesting bands playing at Mayhem fest this year. Not that I really want to go with Avenged Sevenfold headlining. To be quite honest there are about 3 bands that I want to see, one that I interviewed is one of the ones I want to […]

BTMI last show

  Nothing's Forever, Dude. Bomb the Music Industry!'s Final Shows 1/17 & 1/19 Bomb the Music Industry! A band from Baldwin, New York, led by Jeff Rosenstock. This band is prossibly the most amazing set of people playing music together. Giving all their music away on their website for anyone to download freely. Inviting fans […]

Civil Unrest Tour

           Summer concert season is coming up and of course it is time to start buying tickets, saving money and planning out what shows you can and cant go to. Well here is a great festival show. It is much better then Mayhem Fest. I have had the pleasure of interviewing […]

Davey Suicide and the Defiled the Whiskey Hollywood 8/13/2013

                  Unlike most people, when I hear that there is a show at the Whisky I am not to thrilled. Actually this was the first time that I had covered a show there since I started writing in journalism. It is not for any reason other then how I get treated, which is […]

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