Courtney Love The Grove of Anaheim 7/27/2013

The Queen of no Fucks played at the Grove of Anaheim on the 7/27 to a fairly large crowd. It was rather surprising that there were so little people but for everyone that didn’t attend, it will be their loss because it was a fantastic show. Most of the songs that were played were of […]

Sonora Wong’s Van’s Warped Tour Experience

                      When summer rolls around I get pretty excited for Warped Tour, especially when Big D and the Kids Table play; I have the privilege of being friends with my favorite band. Usually Warped Tour for me is filled with layers of sunscreen, lots of water, chain smoking, and waiting around for the […]

House Party at The Pantle Palace, Fullerton 6/8/13

You know it's not your average house party when a full size tour bus comes down the residential street. I had the pleasure of partying with the members Starpool at Tbone Willy's home. The night was filled with excitement and a special surprise that no one saw coming.  Japan's Oreskaband was set to perform in […]

Decapitated and Lamb of God 5/29/2013 The Grove of Anaheim

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>   Voog interview above!       I was lucky enough to interview guitarist Voog early that day and he was a very nice relaxed guy so I was very interested to see how he would be able to transform into a death metal guitarist. It was a great surprised […]

Hepcat HOB 5/18/2013

                          I was thoroughly excited when I saw the line up for this show. The Aggrolites opening for Hepcat is every ska revival fans wet dream. Hepcat sold out the House of Blues in Hollywood, so they added a show in Anaheim which […]

How To Destroy Angels

If I were allowed to write this review in to words it would be the following simply stunning.  Being able to see the first show How to Destroy Angels performed at the Fox theatre was just stellar. The band had started the show off with The Wake Up. At first it wasn’t easy to see […]

The Specials-Club Nokia- 03/18/2013

    The legendary 2-tone ska band, The Specials, preformed in LA for the second time in 30 years at Club Nokia on March 18th. Once the Lights dimmed the opening act, Little Hurricane, started roaring up. A fun duo putting a twist on old gritty blues. Don't let their female drummer, Celeste “CC” Spina […]

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