Ragdoll at Count Vampd 5/30/2015

      Like many hard working bands Ragdoll does everything themselves. It is always nice to hear a band who not only keeps in contact with me letting me know why they are late (some bands sure can take a que) but they also had a great sense of humor. I am sadden that […]

One Eyed Doll Interview

      I was not able to get an interview with the band during their Vegas show because life happens but we were able to get an email interview and that was just as good. Their new album Witches talks on topics in American history that many would like to forget but should never be. […]

Graveyard, Clutch and Mastodon at House of Blues LAs Vegas 5/1/2015

                                   Graveyard was the opening act for Clutch and Mastodon and unlike many opening bands, they held their own with these power house metal bands. A lot of opening bands have people who like to leave during their performance, […]

Sabaton and Nightwish House of Blues 4/30/2015

                                                                                            Sabaton was one of the opening acts for Nightwish […]

One Eyed Doll at The Dive 4/25/2015

                                   One Eyed Doll played at this little bar called The Dive over the weekend. Personally I was expecting some shitty sound only because of how the bar was laid out but much to my surprise and happiness this […]

Want to hear a new great metal band called Helloween?

                                    Then you are in for a real treat!  HELLOWEEN are one of the most influential and internationally successful acts of the global metal scene. With the release of their 15th studio album My God-Given Right, due on May 29th(EU), June 1st (UK) and June […]

Welcome to Oblivion

      Since I like to ask in my interviews what have you been listening to, I thought I would write about what I have been in love with lately. I found my way over to Zia Record's one day to find that they had How to Destroy Angels CD “Welcome to Oblivion”. I […]

Mayhem Fest 2015

      Mayhem Fest is here again and it actually has a great line up. Slayer is the headliner which means you know  that it is going to be a great show already. The dates are listed below so get on with buying your ticket!   SLAYER King Diamond HELLYEAH, The Devil Wears Prada, Whitechapel […]

Do you have a Sepultura Tattoo?

      Do you have  a Selputura tattoo you want to share? You know us over here at HS are huge tattoo fanatics and we love to share our ink now is the time to share yours! If you have a bad ass tattoo of your  favroite band and you want to share it do […]

One Eyed Dolls’ new album Witches

    One Eyed Doll's album Witches is a great way to start off the new year. In fact if this is what is in store for music in 2015 then we are looking at a music worthy year. I thought last year the music industry was heading into a great direction with the alternative […]

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