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Combichrist Glass house October 11th

      On October 11th many bands had graced the stage of the Glass House which for fan is always a win because it is an up close and personal show. Combichrist had many bands that were playing with them that night and one of them happens to be Davey Suicide. With the new […]

Davey Suicide New Album “World Wide Suicide”

      The Sophomore album from Davey Suicide is out now and it is the things you want to hear from a second album. Unlike many counter parts to the second album, there was not a lost vision of I'm awesome and you will like this album because I made its. Instead there was […]

Skinny Puppy The Observatory Santa Ana

Here are some Skinny Puppy picture I took when I reviewed it for OC Weekly which you can read here.   I am not much of a photographer but I am proud that I took these which is the first time I ever used a really nice camera. I hope you enjoy them.     […]

Courtney Love The Grove of Anaheim 7/27/2013

The Queen of no Fucks played at the Grove of Anaheim on the 7/27 to a fairly large crowd. It was rather surprising that there were so little people but for everyone that didn’t attend, it will be their loss because it was a fantastic show. Most of the songs that were played were of […]

Sonora Wong’s Van’s Warped Tour Experience

                      When summer rolls around I get pretty excited for Warped Tour, especially when Big D and the Kids Table play; I have the privilege of being friends with my favorite band. Usually Warped Tour for me is filled with layers of sunscreen, lots of water, chain smoking, and waiting around for the […]

House Party at The Pantle Palace, Fullerton 6/8/13

You know it's not your average house party when a full size tour bus comes down the residential street. I had the pleasure of partying with the members Starpool at Tbone Willy's home. The night was filled with excitement and a special surprise that no one saw coming.  Japan's Oreskaband was set to perform in […]

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