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Why Ross was the Worst in Friends

As many of us have seen, Friends has been on Netflix for a while. For a long time I didn't watch more then the first season. From the beginning Ross was the worst, he was always correcting people, pretty sexist and he had an issue as to what being a man is. Through out the […]

Scare L.A. 2016

      Hey you guys its that awesome time of year were we are still waiting for Halloween to come,well we can go enjoy it for a few nights this summer! Be sure to get your tickets down below it'll be an event you won't want to miss! The Hit Summer Halloween, Horror and […]


Scare L.A. 2015

        Scare L.A. is coming again this year you guys and it will be at the Passadena Convention center Aug 8-9  the summer hit con is expecting over 10,000 of the most passionate scare fans, pros, and press. Growing to over 100,000 sq. ft. the event boasts 200+ vendors and 100+ hours of programming […]


Kirk Hammet at Comic-Con?!?!

      Kirk Hammett is excited to continue the partnership for Comic-Con International in San Diego, California with Nuclear Blast at the Nuclear Blast/Stern Pinball/KVH Toys/JSR Merchandising Booth (#501)! Fans in attendance who buy these limited edition figures at the booth are guaranteed a ticket to visit the Nuclear Blast/Stern Pinball/KVH Toys/JSR Merchandising booth (#501) on Saturday , July […]


Flight of the Conchords Shows to Binge on

                                            For some reason it seems that shows that should have lasted for a long time never do. Insert titles like Twin Peaks or in this case Flight of the Conchords. Personally it was […]


Friday the 13th Shop Locations!

                             One of the fun things about Friday the 13th are the tattoos you can get. Each shop does a sheet of some sort or the number 13 depending on the artist that you go to. When I moved to Vegas I wasn't […]


The New Fall Season has Arrived!

    **Disclaimer this may contain some spoilers which will be indicated by: "**insert spoiler**". (Honestly, they're minimal so just read the damn article. Besides, it's kind of your fault for not being on it so there's that.  Don't binge watch new seasons! Don't be so obnoxious.) One of the best things about Fall besides […]


Anime Expo by Taylor Keene

      Conventions, Expos, Gatherings; whatever you choose to call them, have risen in popularity exponentially over the last decade. It was only nine years ago that you could walk up to the door and buy tickets for San Diego Comic-Con the day of the con. Now, tickets sell out in under an hour. […]


Dexter as a whole

  This article is a deep look into Dexter if you are afraid of spoilers then I suggest not continuing this article:   Being able to see a show in it’s whole is much different then seeing it season by season. Dexter for example is one of those shows were watching the whole story fold […]

Penny Dreadful [pic]

Penny Dreadful, the new Showtime Series

                Showtime's new original serious Penny Dreadful premiered last Sunday, May 11, and I couldn't have been more excited. From the creative mind of John Logan, the writer of films like Gladiator, Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Skyfall and many more, comes a new series […]

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