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Hunger Game Covergirl Make-up Review

            Before the second Catching Fire came out Covergirl had put together a make up collection for the movie. Not only are the colors bright, but also this is the make up they had used on the actually movie set.  With make up artist like Ve Neil working on the set […]

Scare LA- the event

                      Scare LA was a great start for their first year. It was of course not without some problems that I’m sure will be fixed in the years to come. The space that the used was in downtown Los Angeles, in an art building, there was no real direction to […]

Scare LA August 10 and 11

                             If you enjoy shopping for Halloween stuff starting now then this is going to be the place for you. Scare LA, August 10-11, is a Halloween convention that not only has thing to buy but classes to take for FX make […]

Comic Con 2013 by Taylor Keene

Editors Note: I couldn't be more please to have my dear writer friend Taylor Keene write this article for us. I've known and have worked with Taylor for years and I am very proud to present her article on our site. Not only that but take a look at her costumes SHE MAKES from hand. […]

E3 2013 – Xbox Uno and Playstation Quatro

E3 2013 has come and gone, and with it, it’s left us some great stuff to look forward to. We’ve got the obvious starters: Microsoft’s Xbox One (from here on out referred to as the Xbone) and Sony’s Playstation 4 (which we’re gonna call the PS4.) These were revealed to us on Monday, the conference […]

Stand up is back! Thank fucking God!

              The month of April was deemed by Comedy Central as stand up month. For Comedy Central this is not out of the ordinary but it seems that lately stand up has been making a big come back. We are seeing more of a generation in their late twenties early […]

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