Stop making me feel like a freak; a letter about being under sexual

            The last few days I have been getting reversed slut shammed, I have been shamed for not having enough sex. Yes this happens, I happen to be a little odd, having had sex once in almost two years, this makes people uncomfortable and comments like well that sounds like a […]


Why We Shouldn’t Be Attacking Our Own Team

There is no surprise to what life after Trump has been elected has become. Most people are pretty upset still and much of what we have seen has been nothing short of a circus. However we have seen a surge of Republicans that have been on our team and  by team I mean they are […]

Meth the stupidest drug I’ve had to DEAL with

Las Vegas is not a city that would be described as the nicest place to live. Outside of the strip most of it is ghetto. I am a student at UNLV, I am taking 5 classes, 4 lit classes and philosphy. This is not an easy load I read anywhere from 500-800 pages a week […]


Robert Redford Interview

This interview was not done buy me but was written by Charles McGrath and sent by WJS magazine.        ROBERT REDFORD ON: Getting typecast throughout his career: "I think I got typed. I could feel the hardening of the arteries. I wanted to keep independent and keep myself free, but the leading man […]


Opening up

Lately I have been seening a lot of articles talking about mental illness. Like I just saw Wil Wheaton talk about his depression and it made me cry because thats how I feel. If you haven't seen it then I suggest you should. I think this movement is great, to shed a ligh onto people […]



    Melissa McCarthy is on the big screen again and just as amazing as ever in her newest comedy "Tammy". I laughed consistently throughout the film from beginning to end, which is something I haven't done since Bridesmaids. There have been great comedies since then, but not one that has me in stitches the […]


The Hobby Lobby Ruling

    Within in the last year as some may have noticed there has been a lot of changes to women's health. Well the biggest blow happened a few weeks ago and again last week, Hobby Lobby won the court case which means they can deny women contraception health care. Why you might ask? Because […]


The War on High School Girls and Their Clothing

                The war on women has gone beyond just us, it’s starting with our high school girls. Schools from Utah to one in Canada are attacking girls and their clothing choices. Let us start with Utah. For the year book the school decided that they would edit what some of the girls […]


What the Republicans have been doing

              It is 2014 and I feel very angry that I have to write out these words. Recently all of the republicans have voted against a bill that would create equal pay for men and women. Yes that’s right this is still an issue in 2014, not only are the […]


Justin Bieber the Teenage Twat Bag

                                Can we really be surprised as to the direction that Justin Bieber is heading? I really don’t care for him from what I have seen but this is not the first time that we have seen such behaviors. In fact this is more like how Leaf Garrett acted in the […]

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