Clutch “Psychic Warfare”







Clutch's new album “Psychic Warolyfare” album starts off with a narrator asking for them to start at the beginning which is then introduced to “Psychic Warfare” and the lyrics of “I was getting a pack of the smokes”, indeed is the beginning of the story. This album is very conversational, which is meant that it is a story that is pretty cohesive through out the album. It was like there was an entire story that was meant to be told, much like a concept album expect it was more about the story rather then an album like Tommy.

This kind of lyric work is not an easy thing to achieve. Writing something that sounds conversational can come off as trying to hard or cheesy but to place it to lyrics and have it work is all together a talent of its own. Each song has a story and “Our Lady of Electric Light” sounds like it should be placed into a Quentin Tarantino film like Kill Bill or something like that. Aside from the exquisitely written lyrics the music in itself is very much on point. The sound and the mixing was perfect for this album. All of the sounds on the album are balanced and there is not an over load of drums, or bass or a lack of guitarist. Much like seeing the band in person the kind of energy flows through the album. The album is not very long and it goes by very fast. Before you know it you are on track 12,”Son of Virginia”, and you are thinking when did that happen? It could have easily been a longer album and it would not have been to much or anything at all. “Sucker for the Witch” is probably one of my personal favorites off the albums. The reference to Stevie Nicks and the Salem Witch trials all in one song and not sounding clunky or forced is just pure genius.

Very rarely do all of these work out so well. It is nice to hear a band that has been around for so long putting out an album that still holds true to not only there sound but finds a spot in contemporary society. It seems like now a days when a band has been around for a long time they want to try and blend with what is out now, they want to be relevant, this is however not the case with Clutch's album. But that does not mean that it does not have a place in this day in time. It seems that rock in all forms are having a nice over ride over a lot of this djing bull shit and this is one album that for sure gives those musicians a run for their money.