Combichrist - This Is Where Death Begins (2500 x 2500)

Combichrist “This is Where Death Begins”

              Combichrist put out a new album, “This is Where Death Begins” last month and it is worth listening to. The styling that Andy LaPlegua has gone for has changed quite a bit, instead of the pure industrial sound that many of us have listen too for over a decade, Combichrist has transformed into a metal industrial band sounding musically much like older Tool music, which is by the way fantastic. Now notice how I said musically, lyrically they sound like Avenge Sevenfold, which is not good. My expectation of his lyrics is like those of “Throat Full of Glass” which at the time was much different then their older work.

      At first lyrically it did not bother me, I just kept listening to it but as I was pulling weeds and listening to the album, I felt like something was off and as  cunt (Destroy Everything) was being yelled at me, and my dad snarled asking what kind of lyrics this band was singing,  I realized that either he has a new writing partner or  a different  inspiration either way the lyrics are not on the same level as the music. For instance the first track “We are the Plague” has a strong lack luster of giving a fuck about the lyrics. Not all of the songs have crappy lyrics, “Don’t Care About You” is fantastic musically and the lyrics are much betters then half of the album, but the lyrics do stand out on the album.

      Musically however this album is beyond on point. Despite the change in sound, there are the stable industrial sounds in the songs. In fact musically this is quite enjoyable and makes up for the lyrics for me. The drumming on this album from Joe Letz is impressive, in fact personally I think he is a fantastic drummer and I enjoy hearing the progression in his career. This album over all is a good album. This is a big change for everyone, and it is going to be a successful change for the band and it will be enjoyable to see these songs intermixed with older ones while they are on tour.