Cradle of Filth House of Blue 2/16/2016


Cradle of Filth had finally made their way back to America for their Witches of Hammer Tour. For those of you who do not know, the last time that Cradle was set to have an American tour they were not able to because America would not grant them visa's which is very confusing because their on stage performance does nothing that is offensive. Anyways the wait was well worth it, with an added date to Vegas it was quite a performance.

This was by far one of the barest sets I have seen, the only thing that was on stage was the very intense drum set, the amps that come with the venue, a rounded keyboard, a ramp underneath the banner and the banner itself. This is not to say that the stage was not full of entertainment, it just was not about the antics that the band could provide the audience but rather it was about what the band was playing. When you are listening to Cradle of Filth there is a certain type of expectation to hear the famous scream, much like Courtney Love, one expects to hear it and Filth did not let anyone down. In fact his vocals was so much better then any album he had put out. The fact that he can hit such high notes is amazing but to have the moment to check it off of a personal bucket list is always amazing. It is not only Filth that can those lovely notes but female vocalist and keyboard player Lindsay Schoolcraft. The two of them singing together for songs like “Nymphetamine”. This might have been an encore song but it by far stole the show. It is one thing to hear it on a record but another to hear it in person and the band had SLAYED this song. I was getting snapchats of this song from friends who went to other shows.

Aside from playing such classic the band had also played new songs off their album. For me one of the things I like is when the set seamless flows into one another, new and old, which is the case for the Cradle set. The way that it had flowed together was intertwining the old with the new which helps fans who have not had a chance to purchase the new album know what they are missing out on and that they need to go out and buy it 5 minutes ago. One of the nice thing about the guitarist and bass players is how they perform on stage. They did some of the head banging but they also played in a straight line stiffly but with creepy stares and smiles embodying the melody and lyrics of the song. It was pretty cool to see something different but something that had worked well with the flow of the music. It sets them apart from other bands who do nothing but head-bang.

The show was a great one to attend and it hurts my soul that this was not a sold out concert because by all means it should have been. Hearing songs like “Malice Through The Looking Glass” and “Gilded Cunt” where amazing and more people should have been there to witness such an event. On a side note I did buy the Jesus is a Cunt shirt and I will proudly wear that to various function and laugh at the gasp that it will receive.




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