Dexter as a whole



This article is a deep look into Dexter if you are afraid of spoilers then I suggest not continuing this article:


Being able to see a show in it’s whole is much different then seeing it season by season. Dexter for example is one of those shows were watching the whole story fold at once is much different then seeing it slowly. Recently I have re-watched all of Dexter from season one to season eight. A lot of us do this, we sit down with our Netflix and we watch some show and are just addicted to it. This is definitely one of those shows that it is intense the whole way through and watching how each character grows is crazy.

           We start off with Dexter Morgan well into his career as a forensic tech and a serial killer. These are things that are well established in his life, it is not like we are seeing him come into his own or discover who he is, Dexter was set into his ways and instead we got to ride along with him for a short while. The character development that we see comes full circle do Dexter determines that his dark passenger was the way to go.  This for me only made me like Dexter more. He was aware of who he is and that to him there was no way out of which he was. Dexter not only had to discover who he really was but the lesson that Harry had tried to teach him since he was a child, he couldn’t live both lives. When came down to the end that is what it ended up factoring down to, what life did he want to live?           


      Recently Michael C. Hall has come out and said that he was not happy with how the show ended, written wise it was great but as he acted it out he was not happy with the ending. However on the Writers Room on IFC the writer had said they knew how they were going end the show for a long time. Sometimes writers have a thing were we like tragic endings because it is more realistic. If he had picked love he would not have been Dexter. Of course the actor wants him to have a happy ending that is what many people wanted. A lot of people were unhappy with the ending because it wasn’t rainbows and sunshine but if you would have listened to what Dr. Vogel was saying and how Dexter truly felt through out the series the ending that happened is the ultimate way it should have. Aside from Vogel and what she thought was best for him we had Harry and his appearance through out the show. The dialogue that was set up between the two characters tells you everything that is really going on in Dexter’s head. It was his way of working out what was going on with himself. We as an audience got to see what everyone else didn’t which laid out the best clues as to where the story could go.

      I personally liked the ending of Dexter. I do think that the last two season wasn’t as great as it could have been. The whole Deb in therapy was too much and I did fast forward through it because it made me very uncomfortable. Overall Dexter is one of my all time favorite shows. It has a great character development and it never has anything boring going on even in the later part of the series. This is a very controversial ending and people will always think differently about it but my writer self loved it.