A Face Product Worth Using.

I came across Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Polishing Mask — Charcoal & Black Sugar while shopping at CVS one day.  It was during this time I took a deep interest in personal grooming, and I read articles about the healing and beauty benefits of activated charcoal. The back of the black tube promised to “detox skin,” “absorb oil and impurities without over-drying,” and “exfoliate dead skin cells for softness and clarity.” The sales girl vouched for the tubes promises. “I love it.” She gushed, and except for the fact that it looked like a crunchy mixture of tar and salt, she alleged that the treatment made her skin feel noticeably softer, smoother, brighter.  I was sold.  A tube of the facial treatment cost $3.99, minus tax, so I threw my money on the counter and left.

Later that night when I began my test of the product, I read the directions.  The directions were just a few simple steps— apply the mask over the neck and face area, avoiding the eyes, wait five to seven minute, then massage the face for one to two minutes, and rinse with warm water.  Then BAM— beautifulness.   

The mask itself is literally how you imagine cream of charcoal and black sugar to look like when it mixed: a viscous lump that looks remarkably similar to a turd.  Luckily, it does not smell like one. The mask mixture has a very pleasing masculine, musky scent.  I applied the mask, and it felt similar to rubbing wet sand and oil over your face and neck, a gritty feeling.  Also when you apply the mask, put your hair up and out of the way with a headband. Without it, this mask will get into your hair despite your best efforts.

The back of the tube does state that the mask is “Perfect for all skin types,” but one thing I noticed as the five to seven minute mark approached was that my face started to feel warm.  It was not exactly a burning feeling, nor did it not make my face feel bad in anyway, rather the only way to accurately describe the feeling of the mask was as if you stayed out in the sun too long without any sunblock, and when you came in, you feel that your face sensitive and tight.  I imagined that this was the mask “detoxifying” my pores, or at least I hope so.

Next came the “massage” part of the treatment, or exfoliate.  I do not advise for anyone to do what I did, and rub the mask with a lot of friction.  Do as the tube says and gently “massage.”  Black sugar is very abrasive against the skin, and any attempt to not gently “massage” the skin will cause your face to go into great pain. It was not enjoyable.  Also what was not enjoyable is the taste of the mixture; try to avoid your mouth.  After massaging my face for about two minutes, I rinsed with warm water, and to my surprise, my face felt really smooth under the water.

Once I was completely rinsed, my face did look noticeably brighter.  I put my face to mirror, and there did seem to be less blackheads on my nose than before.  I felt it, and my skin felt baby smooth and soft.   I slathered on some facial lotion, and even an hour later, my face still felt smooth and soft, albeit a little sensitive.

I was so impressed with the product, that I tried the treatment on my hands.  Once I finished massaging and rinsing, my hands felt amazing.  I cannot accurately describe the feeling, but it is almost as if your hands have been carved out of luscious ice cream.  It is a feeling so sensational that when I when I touched my other hand, I imagined that this what God’s caress feels like.  

Final conclusion on Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial (And Hand) Polishing Mask — Charcoal & Black Sugar: Although the mask looks about as attractive as puke, the results from using it are outstanding.  Despite making your face feel sensitive, which is common in exfoliating, you will love it and add it to your beauty regimen.  

*I do advise not to use this product to much in one week, as constant exfoliating does more damage than good.