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  For some reason it seems that shows that should have lasted for a long time never do. Insert titles like Twin Peaks or in this case Flight of the Conchords. Personally it was hard for me to get into this show at first. The only reason I gave it another shot was because I have nothing else to watch and my dad brought me the series when I moved into my apartment. Since I had nothing else to watch I decided to give it a shot and I was glade I did.

It saddens my black gothic soul that this show only lasted two seasons. It could have gone on for a long time. Unlike many shows that just ended without closure we did get closure with Jermaine and Bret. However it was a sad closure. It should have gone on for at least another couple of season. The songs in the show is just hilarious. That is the most emotion that they have through out the series. That only makes the lines and timing funnier. Everything is so monotone and series it just adds to the innocence of the characters. They seem to have a much happier idea and optimism about the American Dream that has died out. Following these characters around is just a laugh. Kristen Schaal is a comedienne actress coming up as of late, we have seen her in 30 Rock and she does voices for Bob's Burgers but to see her in this show as a creepy stalker is what keeps the show going. Her love of these characters is hilarious. She is the epitome of a creepy stalker that they never get rid of because she is literally their only fan.

One of the things I noticed is the ever changing New Zealand posters in Murray’s office. That is something that I just wanted to point out because each of the sayings, particular in season 2 are just so funny. Along with the shirts Bret is wearing that are dated and it looks like it came from the actor's personal collection, it just adds to the way the show is set up, random and nonsensical.

If you haven't had a chance to watch the show I suggest it. Amazon Prime has them all. Which is great because HBO shows like Showtime are always amazing to re-watch. The songs themselves are just so funny that I want to have all of the cds. My favorite is the first episode “I'm not Crying” which is shown below.