Friday the 13th Shop Locations!




                         One of the fun things about Friday the 13th are the tattoos you can get. Each shop does a sheet of some sort or the number 13 depending on the artist that you go to. When I moved to Vegas I wasn't sure if I was going to find a shop and I sure as hell did. The shop is called Skin Factory Tattoo. They have two locations, one in Vegas the other in Henderson. This is a great quality shop with nice personally and a great portfolio. I am happy to say that after my first tattoo from them they will be the shop that I will go to while I am living out here. Listed below are  the address and their Facebook page so you can check out any other things you want too.



3130 E Sunset Rd Suite B

Las Vegas, Nevada




For my California people: there is Above All Tattoo in Fullerton. I have pretty much had everyone from the shop tattoo me and they too are great artist, funny and they have a lot to choose from for their spread sheets. Listed below is their Instagram account, and Facebook.



217 N Harbor Blvd Suite B

Fullerton, California





If you are looking for a shop that is not in the OC Avenue Tattoo has been starting up on the Friday the 13th tattoo tradition and they too have a great selection for their spread sheets. Izak is my man over there and he is a great piercer and tattoo artist. Listed below is their Facebook and Instagram page.



472 W Highland Ave

San Bernardino, California

Instagram- avenuetattoo909






The deal is 13$tattoo with a 7 dollar tip which means 20 bucks! Rules apply per shop.

There are many more shops to go to but these are the ones that I have personally visited and trust to go back to!