The Gods of Asgard


























One of the most interesting reads I have read in a long time is the comic book Gods of Asgard. This was an assigned reading for my mythology class but I truly think that it is a very interesting and entertaining comic book. What it is, is the Norse Gods, you know Odin, Thor, Loki, in the stories that had started their legacy and what we kind of know today.

Erik Evensen takes some of the most famous Norse myths like how they were formulated and puts it into comic book form. This could come off as being boring and dry but instead seeing what each story is talking about makes it a little bit easier to follow. Lets face it these stories are great but sometimes with all of the names it can get confusing but being able to see names and faces actually makes it much simpler and it makes it easier to remember what is going on in the story. Evensen picked some of the best stories like “Ragnarock”, Loki's Binding” and Skirnir's Journey”. All of the stories in the comic book are actually very accuarte to the tales so you wouldn't be an idiot to tell your friends that you had learned about some Norse Myths.

This is not your Marvel comics kind of thing. Sure there is Loki and Thor, but they are not brothers in fact this tells you more of their stories as individuals then you could have guessed. Marvel did do things that were correct in their story but not all of it and in fact this fills in a lot of the gap. It is drawn like every comic book is, the women have huge tits and tiny waist, unrealistic expectations but that is just how the comic book world works.

Over all this is defiantly a good read. I did learn a lot about a mythology I knew next to nothing about. It is not as detailed as the stories are in any other way but that does not mean that they skipped out on anything. The central theme is there but it is just condensed.