Going Green in Seattle

From the 5 cent bag tax to the biodegradable, reusable take out containers, Seattle is one of the forerunners in the country's "go green" efforts. Being a Los Angeles native, the efforts of the "green" community is nothing new to me. I am used to being charged 10 cents for a bag when I shop and having a vegan lifestyle thrust upon me, but moving up  to Seattle put me in a whole new ballgame.

Next to the garbage containers found on every corner of the city, you find the bright blue recycling one right next to it. In eateries throughout the city you find cans labeled "garbage, recylables, compost" next to one another. People can be seen toting around canvas bags and metal water bottles all in attempts to go green and save the planet. This way of living has truely become a serious lifestyle for the people of Seattle and I think it is absolutely wonderful! The restaurants can even be found using the same brand of reusable containers that can be washed and essentially serve as a tupperware of sorts, and all boxed contaiers are biodegradable! What an effort.

Remembering to bring my reusable bags wasn't too difficult considering I had practice with that back in LA, however, deciding wether something belonged in the garbage or compost bin was rather tricky. I mean my apartment came with a mini compost container and for months I had no idea what it was and just kept my laundry detergent stored in it. I even thought it weird at first when customers at work would ask me to "please throw this away and recycle this one" while handing me the remains from their coffee and breakfast. Sure in retail customers will ask you if they can use your trash can on occasion, but these people were asking me to recyle for them and I absolutely can. See we have two bins labled "garbage" and "recycle" in order to do our part as a store.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that a lot of people complain about the condition of our environment, which is more than understandable, but at the same time feel like one person won't make a difference. Seattle is proof that people here and there making an effort can grow into something larger, like a city in this case, that has chosen to live a greener lifestyle making a nice impact on the Earth. I am defintely liking the green efforts put forth by my current home!