Harem Pants Back and Ready for Action




Spring is upon us (but up here in Seattle we're a month late but what can you do) and everyday I see people trading out their boots and coats for dresses and flowing tops. This of course is exciting for me being a new Seattle resident coming from the land of sunshine and, well, more sunshine. It feels like home when I see everyone walking around in their spring/summer clothes enjoying the sun that creeps out every now and again.

     One of the biggest trends of the season that I see for the average woman, and one I too participate in, is the renewal of Harem pants! Yes ladies, these are back in the best way possible. Remember when Harem pants were a thing in the 80's; billowing crotches and material for days? Yeah, not the best trend. Then in the late millenium we saw a resurfacing when designers started to bring them back, like Ralph Lauren's spring/summer line in 2009 (http://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/spring-summer-2009/ready-to-wear/ralph-lauren). While these were better, and flattering on some, they were still too balloon-esque for my taste. Being a women with more curves, the mass amounts of extra fabric in the waste and "crotchal region" (if you will) just made me look boxy. SO attempt after attempt of instituting Harem pants into our wardrobes, I think in the past two years we've managed to do it right!

     Most Harem pants found today are much more tailored and structured giving a balance of the billowing harem style pants, while still allowing a woman's shape to be displayed. It creates the best mixture of comfy and chic! You can find Harem pants almost everywhere now in different colors, prints and even cuts; you can find structured pants, or if you like the more flowing ones, you can find those as well.

     Harem pants have definitely been brought back in full force and they are better than ever! I purchased mine at White House Black Market because their "Tapered Crepe Pant" is made of a lightweight crepe material that is great for the spring and summer seasons. The pants also has a fantastic cut with a slimmer leg gathered neatly at the ankle- a clean, classic cut for modern times. They are a a casual pant that can definitely be dressed up for work (and they are machine washable which working women KNOW is plus!) and back to casual for a day with the girls. The pants can be found on sale in the link below.