Harry Potter is more then a Fantasy Tale





     Harry Potter is one of the most talked about book series of all time. Love it or hate it at some point in time you have come across it. I happened to be a very big Harry Potter. I waited to reread the series till all the movies were out and there was time between them. I simply wanted to enjoy the films like I enjoyed the movies. As I started to reread the books a lot of the themes stood out more so then when I was younger yet I was still made fun of like the day I read them. My sister is not a Harry Potter fan. She hates it with all of her soul. The whole fantasy thing is something that she cannot get past it. That got me thinking that the whole story can through people off with the whole fantasy thing. Really all I wanted to tell her was the Harry Potter is a war story, but she didn’t want to hear it.

        Now you can stop with the what the hell is she talking about. Look at it objectively. What is the story about? Bigotry, hate, corruption, solidarity, being more then you thinks. All of these things are very prevalent in the book. Hermione is one of the brightest witches in her classes, she surpasses everyone in her class, even Fred and George took some tips from her for their joke shop yet she is treated like the shit on the bottom of people’s shoes because of where she comes from; “Mudblood” is what they call her. Why? Because her parents were none magic folk. If this were the real world  people would comment about how it is racism but because it’s a book and these characters carry a wand this whole concept is lost. It isn’t just her, in fact you can see with how they treat the House Elves, the Centaurs in the Forbidden Forest and Hagrid. Each of these characters are not pure magic and they are restricted and put down.

          The way that each of the books is set up is to show the progression of the war that is about to happen. It goes from the encounters of war heroes/villans to the TriWizard Tournament in the 4th book, which is when Voldermont came back. This is literally the beginning of the war. Like many countries or people, officials do not want to acknowledge when something has gone wrong or someone has to much power. No one wanted to admit what Hitler was doing. In fact America had turned away boatloads of Jews trying to escape what was going on. No one wanted to believe that someone would murder groups of people, much like Cornelius Fudge did not want to admit that Voldermort was back till he saw him in the flesh in blood in his work place. This is a crucial moment in the end of the 5th book and now the government is finally admitting that there is a problem and they can no longer hide their heads in the sand only because they saw it with their own little beedy eyes.

             Dumbledore knew one of the most important lessons a person can, his enemy. It was eluded in The Half Blood Prince that Dumbledore had been looking for memories and Horcruxes for many years. Dumbledore thought that it was very important to know his enemy in order to learn his weakness to kill him off in a final way. There is no other way; a person has to know this kind of stuff in order to fully understand what they are going up against. Being able to know where a person comes from and the flaws that go along with them can help to enlighten what Harry needed to do in order to stop the war. There wasn’t one person he was up against; he was up against groups of people that wanted something from this event which made them much more deadly.  

          The most important book out of the series is book 7, The Deathly Hallows, because it was the actual war. We as readers didn’t get to see everything that was going on but from the description that Ron had given them when he had returned; it was a full on war. The magical world had to not only save themselves but make sure no one was hurting the muggles. Much like the Nazis, they would take in anyone who would help them, but not allow them to be really apart of their klan. For example we have Fenrir Greyback, a nasty werewolf that wanted to punish the Witches and Wizards that had made him feel like an out cast for being different. The Nazis had taken in the gay people but within a few years they had slaughter all of them, even the ones that helped. What is to say that Voldermort would not have done the same thing? He is using all of these different followers to do his grunt work, bringing in all of the runaway “mudbloods” so that Greyback can collect gold. When the lot is brought to the Malfoy manner, Bellatrix makes many comments about gold and scum to Greyback, which could be looked at as her looking down at him for being less then her. Bellatrix has been a devoted follower for so many years that of course anyone like that would be below her standards of living. Hell Bellatrix is embarrassed that her cousin that she never talks to married a werewolf. That entire conversation just proves how the Death Eaters are, they don’t think anything of anyone but pure bloods. There is not way that Greyback would not be on the list of death after they had won the war. Looking closely at the relationship that they have with the people that help them and the outsiders is a great indication of a war story. They did so many things that many people in war have done, they used everyone around them to get them further.

           If you never read any of the Harry Potters, that’s a shame at least read the last one. You can almost skip all of them and read the last one and see how it is a war story. Get past the wands, the magic, and the dragons and see the actions that these characters are going through. Harry is struggling to bring peace to a world that half of them want him dead because of the time of his birth. There was no choice for him, Voldermont made it when his own ego goes in the way.