High Waister Shorts the Do’s and Don’ts

So the summer months are upon us and you all know what that means—shorts, skirts, and dresses galore! While all of these clothing items can be fun and fashionable, there is always the lingering problem that is the popular high-waist shorts. The high-waist trend is still going strong and while that’s great, we have the constant concern of a cute look going terrible wrong if you wear the wrong kind of shorts. When I say wrong, I mean wrong size or length, or even wearing high-waist shorts at all.

The first thing you MUST take into consideration before donning a pair of these shorts is your body type. Some women’s build just doesn’t look flattering in high-waist shorts, skirts, or jeans, and if this is the case you should probably steer clear of these cuts. But don’t worry, there are other summer options that you can choose from that will look equally as fabulous!

The next thing to keep in mind is size of the shorts. Remember that our waists tend to be naturally thinner than our hips, so just because a pair of shorts fits comfortably around your waist does not always mean they will fit just as comfortable around your hips. On countless occasions I have seen girls sporting high-waist shorts that fit nicely around there waist but far to snug around the tummy and hip area causing unflattering bulges to take place. Don’t be afraid to buy a pair that is a bit more loose around the waist because the comfortable fit around the hips will keep them up and you can always wear a belt if need be!

Finally length, length, length! If you’re going to heed anything in this article, please let it be the notion that you need to be aware of length. There is a BIG difference between high-waist shorts and shorts that you just decided to pull up to your waist. High-waist shorts are made with enough fabric that they will cover your body from your waist to upper-mid thigh; that’s the perfect fit. No one wants to see your butt hanging out of your shorts so please know that shorts, although they have a higher waist line, should still look like shorts and not underwear. Also touching upon ill-fitted shorts, try to stay away from turning your jeans into “high-waist” shorts because then you just have weird bunching going on in the front and that’s not flattering either because let’s face it no one likes a camel toe.

What I want to say is that high-waist clothing can be really cute and super fun, just be conscious of what you’re wearing and how it looks on you. Everyone is made differently, and sometimes that means we need to take a little more time or consideration into putting our outfits together!

Let’s look at some pictures. So the first two are of a celebrity…we won’t say who buy I’m SURE most of you know or can figure it out. Anyway, she’s a good example because she wore high-waist shorts on two different occasions and one looked terrible and the other looked great! The weird bunching and squeezing effect in the first photo is anything but flattering, these shorts look like they used to be jeans and were pulled up too high and that’s why they are stuck in all the wrong places. The second photo is her pulling off the look very well. The perfect fit + the perfect length = the perfect look! And finally, the third picture is to show that even though you may not be a size 2, you can totally get away with wearing high-waist clothing if you have the shape for it!