The Hobby Lobby Ruling




Within in the last year as some may have noticed there has been a lot of changes to women's health. Well the biggest blow happened a few weeks ago and again last week, Hobby Lobby won the court case which means they can deny women contraception health care. Why you might ask? Because apparently being in a corruption means that not only do you have freedom of speech but freedom of religion. SO this means that it is a great time to be a corruption because you have more rights then women do at this current moment. This is the literal list; 1. Men 2. Cooperation 3. Religion 4. Unborn children and by unborn I mean even the egg has more rights 5. Women. This accurate and not as women are living a breathing. How have we come to this in 2014? The Senate even tried to block this ruling that the Supreme Court deemed acceptable Just as an FYI it was the 5 male justices that had ruled this was alright. The 5 justices that also love bribes. Even in the Senate this did win because because of 4 men who voted against allowing women contraptions. There were even republicans that were trying to vote this out. The question you should be asking is what effect does this have on our life? This isn't only women that it will effect. Right now it limits what a woman can get from her work in the realm of birth control like they can no longer get the morning after pill or an IUD because Hobby Lobby believe that it is ending a life, a life that isn't even there.

With the new affordable care act, part of it was the fact that women could get things like the IUD without having to cost themselves in arm and a leg, a way for them to know they could have control over their own uterus because sometimes women were not able to take it like they were suppose to because some months they could not afford it. This is another way for them to control our rights that they are so afraid of. Without access to these products there will be higher birth rates which can lead to either lead to more children in adoption homes or if they are in a state that is making it hard to get a abortion, unsafe abortion practices. These are not okay option. It shouldn't come down to this. We women are capable of making these choices ourselves. We do not need someone in our bedroom or in our uterus. The fact that we have pretty much been deemed incompetent of making our on birthing choices is disgusting. It is not like these women who work at Hobby Lobby can easily go get another health insurance plan for varies reason.

If this is the first step I am afraid to see what will come next. Wal-Mart has lowered their minimum wage to 1 dollar in some states for their “religious belief”. This is merely the beginning to a huge decline in our culture. Our founding fathers would be horrified that religion has won out so much. It is stated in our Constitution that we are not founded on religion but freedom,freedom of choice and to worship what we want. Instead we are being forced to worship what ever practices our job wants us to. This is clearly more about control then it is about anything else. If it was Thomas Jefferson way we would be having a huge revolution because our government has become to strong. Jefferson had said that every 7 years we need to have a revolt so the government remembers that they are here for the people and not for themselves. Well we are mighty far from what he wanted us to be.