Kelsey’s Fashion Make of the Week

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    Some of you might know I am very crafty. This is probably one of the best ways I can think of to help with my depression aside from a daily walk, and hanging out with my dogs. So I have various things I love making and one of then happens to be friendship bracelets. Yes I know I am a probably a little to old to wear them, said no one ever! These are a great accessory and they can be super easy to make. With my new set I wanted to wear for myself I decided that I wanted to go with the Harry Potter house colors. I have never been like oh I am this house or that house; I just wanted to make one for each house because it is way cooler. This is the basic candy strip bracelet which is the first one that everyone learns how to make. You can find patterns like these in any book. It is simple but the simple ness of it just seems to make it as much fun as any other ones. My friend liked the ones that I was making myself so she wanted an all Sytherin. Two of them are the basic bracelets then the larger one is two-chevron bracelet but in the center they are knotted together, which gives it the zigzag affect. I only use the high end embroidery floss which is 100% cotton. It hold the color better, stays tied unlike the manufactured ones, and it is way softer and isn't itchy .This is my fashion make of the week I hope you guys like it. Below is also a website I like to go to, to find different patterns.