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The Lip Stick Trend of Many Colors

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 Lately in make up there has been a huge surge of colorful lipsticks. I am loving this trend. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about it then I decided to venture out and try a shade. I went with “Coven” from Kat Von D. It is a nice lavender color. It was not nearly as bright as I wanted it to be so I myself but a lavender liner down. I made the liner so if you have a hard time finding one it is ok. Personally I had an eyeshadow that color that didn't stick well so I crushed it up, added some eye seal and boom I had a liner. Having put it down as my base I was able to achieve the color I wanted too. The wear was alright. I feel like I had to reapply it maybe once ever 2 hours to keep it the color I want. If you are in class or work it is kind of hard to keep on it but that is just apart of it. This color you can find on or if you can find it in stores you are lucky.

After the lavender I was just in love with weird bright colors so I thought I would try “Raw” from colour pop. This was the color I wanted! I was not at all disappointed with this shade. I did by the liner that went with the lipstick so that it was exactly the right color and a liner helps with wear. I am so happy with this color. The wear is pretty good too. I must say it is wearing better then the Kat Von D and the liner and lipstick were 10 dollars for both. Colour Pop has some other colors but personally I am waiting for the blue shades from Jeffree Star to come out next month.

I am all for this trend. I love the bright colors of lipstick and I am not afraid to try something different. I thin this is going to be the summer of colors.


You can find the colors I am wearing on,