Mark Heylmun of Suicide Silence




Summer is upon us which means that there is going to be a lot of shows and festivals coming our way. One of the biggest ones in the metal world in American is Mayhem fest. I was able to surprise Mark Heylmun of Suicide Silence with an interview. This band has a lot going on first they will be working on some European shows, then Mayhem and while that is going out they will have a new record out, You can’t Stop me, which of course everyone will have to go pick up. Heylmun had some very informative things to say about the upcoming tour, which is always great to know how the band feels as opposed to us, fans who have a lot to bitch about.



H.S.-  How do you like doing these big festivals like Mayhem?


Heylmun- They are so much fun. I can’t imagine what it’s like to headline one of those, like having to wait all day and then having to play to a bunch of tired fans. The audience gets a little worn out near the end but for us we always get prime spot, the middle of the day or even playing first on the stage to a bunch of people that go to these festivals. Its fun to just let go and plays in front of a bunch of people that have been looking forward to the festival for a month to a few months. It’s just an awesome thing full of energy.


H.S.- Do you think with how big and diverse Mayhem Fest is it brings in a bunch of metal bands and metal fans which creates a different kind of environment for every body?


Heylmun- 100%. We would not draw in all of those people by ourselves. A lot of those people are there for the experience, the experience all the metal and experience all the music that is going to be there. It’s just a big group of people that are there to have a good time.


H.S.- Which bands are you excited to be playing with for this tour?


Heylmun-  Of all the bands, most of all, the band that goes back to my youth, Cannibal Corpse and Korn. Those are the two that really stick out. They are also good friends of ours and we have done a lot of tours with like Darkest Hour and Emmure, Trivium those bands are all great too.


H.S.- You have done stuff with Jonathon Davis on your past records are there any plans for him to come out on stage with you guys?


Heylmun- We might be able to work something like that out. We have a 30 minute set and we are already trying to squeeze in all the songs that we want to play. If that is possible we will make it happen but I don’t know yet.


H.S.- Only 30 minutes on stage that is a short amount of time.


Heylmun- It is so short. That is what everyone gets on the side stages but that is what makes it high paced. You get one band, then another band and then another band and it just keeps going.


H.S.-  Have you guys figured out the set list completely or are you still toying with it to see what works out better?


Heylmun- We are still toying with it right now. We are going to be in Europe next week doing a bunch of shows which we are headlining so we get a little over an hour and from there we will see what works and what we want to play at Mayhem. There is not going to be any time during Mayhem to rehearse.


H.S.- Does it kind of make you miss Ozzfest where they would have a 45 minute set list even on the side stage?


Heylmun- The thing with Ozzfest is that they only have a five minute change before they have to get the next band on. Mayhem is great because they have two stages with 30 minutes and no changeovers. I really like how Mayhem runs. It’s always so smooth and awesome. 30 minutes is enough, it’s enough to make people stoked and leaving them wanting more.


H.S.- That’s interesting. What have you been listening to lately?


Heylmun- On the way up here, I was listening to some Deeds of Flesh, some Nile.


H.S.- In your ideal metal festival alive or dead who would be your line up?


Heylmun- The ideal metal festival, Pantera at the top, some Slipknot in there, Slayer, some Cannibal Corpse, Korn, Suicide Silence and that’s all you need.


H.S.- Sounds like a fun festival.


Heylmun- Yeah it would be great.