Metal Allegiane Count Vamp’d 1/9/2016






Metal Allegiance played a very small tour on the West Coast and one of the few stops was at a tiny bar called Count Vamp's. The make up of this band is a super group of amazing metal musicians, and they played not only a few of their own songs but they also played a variety of covers that ranged from Black Sabbath to Van Halen which are hits that for us metal heads, are ones we have been wanting to see them cover.

The band being made up of some of the most important metal musicians in the industry only adds to how amazing the show was. By having Troy Sanders and Mark Osegueda switching vocals between songs had not only given a different feel to the night but had also showcased how talented the metal community is. Each band would in a way form their styles around not only the song but the energy and the vibe that each singer had put out which was like having more then one band playing at the same time. To have Sanders sing “Runnin with the Devil” was an amazing experience to have witness and heard. In fact this is by far the best cover of the song I have ever heard. The band had also played various songs from their album like “Let Darkness Fall”. Their songs had seamless fit into their set which is great because they were playing song that inspired them which in turn had produced their new music which we were able to hear.

The whole experience was over 2 amazing hours and it was like being in one of those music videos where they have the tiny stage with some audience and you wish you could have been there for that kind of show. Well this was that show. They need to not only have a full blown tour but they need to put out an album of just the cover they had sang. I feel like my music collection is lacking heavily because I can't come home and put on their version of “Heaven and Hell”. This was a show about fun and that is what came across from every single member. IF you get a chance to see this band do not think twice about it just go and enjoy the experience. Just to see the combination of guitarst like Alex Skolnick, Mark Menghi, Mike Portnoy with the vocalist is itself worth every single second and worth going to a show for. This is honestly one of those legendary shows that I will be talking about for years to come.