Meth the stupidest drug I’ve had to DEAL with

Las Vegas is not a city that would be described as the nicest place to live. Outside of the strip most of it is ghetto. I am a student at UNLV, I am taking 5 classes, 4 lit classes and philosphy. This is not an easy load I read anywhere from 500-800 pages a week if not more and I write a lot of papers that require a lot of thought plus I work as a nanny and I help her with her homework. This is a lot of work to do not to mention I work in this. I normally don't complain, I'm tired a lot and I know I have to do all of this in order to get to where I want to go but what I DO NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH its dumbasses on drugs. I live close to campus and this is not the best apartment building but as a student working this is the best that I can afford. I live  in an apartment where I shared a bathroom and a kitchen. This is not much different then my friends who shares a house and a bathroom its just that this is an aparment and this is also what I can afford. 

          The woman who moved in next to me after the craziest person I have ever meet happened to be a meth addict. When I came home from Korn I was unlucky enought to be standing in my door way when she decided to start smoking meth in the bathroom. My entire apartment was full of meth smoke. After calling the cops and waiting three hourse just to get an event card, the cops told me that they did not know what meth smelt like and that they wouldn't do any thing about it. Lucky me. The main represcussion of this was that I got  a bad contact high from being in my own apartment. I have never smoked meth nor wanted to, many of my friends, best friend included, was addict to meth by the time I was 17/18, I hate meth more then I hate anything else and here I am high on meth something I vowed I would never do. Just the contact high from it was awful and I know that you would think it would be hard to get a contact high from it but let me tell you its not. Since I have "emotional problems" it caused my anxiety,depression and paic problems to sky rocket. And by that I mean I was having 4 panic attacks a day because I was coming down from this awful drug. I went to see my doctor because it scared me and I thought well maybe I was over reacting. Turns out I wasn't. Apparetly this can happen to people like me because of how badly the druge fucks with your brain chemicals, so people like me have a sevre reaction when we inhale something likes this. Even a contact high did this to me. Another week goes by and I have no been able to move or anything then I come home from Skinny Puppy with my entire apartment full of white meth smoke. Called the cops and they still did nothing so another week high on meth. Two weeks of my life was wasted from a contact high from one of these worst drugs. This was top 2 worst experience of my life. My whole life was interrupted to the point where I could not function at my normal anything. I luckily moved out but at what cost? I just wanted to make people aware of what the drug was like, effects wise on me, to people that have never dealt with that. Within that two weeks my breathing, and mental state was tampered with. I think that there should be more ways to do something about it for people like me who have to walk in to it but apparently there isn't. So it goes.