The New Fall Season has Arrived!




**Disclaimer this may contain some spoilers which will be indicated by: "**insert spoiler**". (Honestly, they're minimal so just read the damn article. Besides, it's kind of your fault for not being on it so there's that.  Don't binge watch new seasons! Don't be so obnoxious.)

One of the best things about Fall besides the cooler weather and superior fashion choices, is the new and returning fall shows! This is a magical time when all of my favorite tv shows come back to me with new and interesting storylines and brand new shows make their way into my otherwise indifferent heart. (I love few things in life–everything else is pretty uninteresting). There were a few honorable mentions this season, and a few "hey, you don't really have to make time for that show because it's kind of bad" mentions too. Let's break it down.

Ahh, the glorious return of a few favorites that HAVE to be mentioned: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Reign, and the Mindy Project. Now I watch many shows, but these three in particular had SUCH great season opening episodes! Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Reign are starting their second season which can truly go either way, but they have managed to go in the best direction! Brooklyn Nine-Nine came back strong with the same kind of ridiculous humor and loveable characters we saw in the first season. Seriously Gina (Chelsea Peretti) is my everything and her character is extremely funny. The show opens right where it left off, **with Jake undercover as a member of the Italian mob and the episode does a great job of allowing us to see him in that position, piece together elements of his time away, and get him back in the Nine-Nine as soon as possible so we aren't too much out of our element.** Brilliantly done!

Then we have Reign, the most beautifully costumed show on television (in my opinion) , and one of the most interesting shows on the CW. While the CW is known for having a somewhat younger demographic, this show has been set up to appeal to most ages; with plot elements of love and passion, but also danger and mystery, we have on our hands a well rounded show. Their new season started off with some HUGE game changers that are sure to affect the entire season. We picked up right where we left off with this one as well; **Francis is out checking on Lola who is in labor while the castle has to be shut down because the black plague is upon them**. So many dynamics were changed and roles were shifted as each character's side stories were touched on. Some issues arose and some were fixed, but most importantly we got to see a taste of Mary as a ruling queen and that was so worth the wait! I won't spoil this bit, but let's just say I am VERY interested to get a peek at Mary and Francis' relationship dynamic after the events of the first episode. (side bar for all my Reign fans–am I the only one holding out for "Mash"? Like can that just happen you guys?)

Let's talk about the Mindy project! My absolute favorite comedy right now. So apart from the fact that Mindy Kaling is a HUGE inspiration because she is a queen and can do no wrong, her show is uncompromisingly funny as they continue to make some racy jokes and provide more than hilarious situations. With an unparalleled charm and wit, the writing alone is impressive, then you throw in a fantastic cast and you have a successful show. Mindy did it right in season one, and continued in that direction for the start of the show's second season. **We open with Danny and Mindy FINALLY in a steady, public relationship and my heart couldn't be more content. (I mean we all remember his heartfelt "I love you" scene ~swoon~). I was interested to see what direction they would take the show seeing as they gave us this relationship early on, and I'm happy to say in the first few episodes we've seen some pretty fun antics our new favorite couple has had to face. Meeting parents, each other's quirks, pasts, and exes are all things couples deal with, but of course Danny and Mindy have the most extreme versions on their hands.** This show came out running and it hasn't begun to slow down and I am very excited to see what the rest of the season holds.

Finally, if you're still with me, we have the new shows that had their pilots air this fall. We had some some good ones like "How to Get Away With Murder"– with Viola Davis you guys. We also had some bad ones like Mysteries of Laura (sorry Debra Messing…I tried SO hard to love this). Then we had  some I'm still on the fence about, like "Selfie" and "From A to Z". The one show that I absolutely love because not only did the pilot hook me instantly, but I can see how much potential the show has to grow and how many different routes it can take, and that is Fox's "Red Band Society". While this may feel a little GLEE-esqu at first, with the group of children that amazingly adhere to teenage stereotypes, the overall dynamic is different. The show has a more mature sense of humor for it's first season and touches upon issues that may seem harsh for some. **plus the fact that our main characters are sick kids in a hospital that are amazing and beautiful, but could essentially pass at any moment, is something new and exciting and for that it should be applauded** the first episode made me feel at least 5 different emotions within an hour and I became invested into each character story. It also doesn't hurt that Dr. McAndrew (Dave Annable) is the most attractive doctor since McDreamy (maybe even McSteamy). Three episodes in and I am fully invested with high hopes for this one!

Well that is my spiel and where I will leave you. Go on and watch some tv, appreciate all the hard work the writers and creators put into developing these shows, how hard the producers and directors put into making sure everything is aesthetically pleasing, and the actors for their brilliant performances. Commit yourself to at least one this season so you have some release from the stressful hell we sometimes call "work".