One Eyed Doll Interview

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I was not able to get an interview with the band during their Vegas show because life happens but we were able to get an email interview and that was just as good. Their new album Witches talks on topics in American history that many would like to forget but should never be. The concept album is widely over looked although it shouldn't be. It is one of the hardest forms to write in and when done successfully you have a Tommy or a Dark Side of the Moon.  If you have no picked up a copy of Witches yet shame on you get on it now. 


HS- How is the tour going?

Junior: The tour ended May 2nd in Sacramento, CA. It was amazing! This was our first headlining tour in many years and it was our best yet!!

HS- How did the idea of a concept album come to be?

Kimberly: I didn't set out to write a concept album, or any kind of album. It really wasn't planned. I happened to be introduced to the story of Mary Esty, who was executed during the Salem Witch Hysteria. I wrote a song in honor of her memory called, "A Rope For Mary". After that, I continued to read and got really sucked into the history of the entire event. The more I learned, the more moved I was to continue to write over the course of maybe three days. I was obsessed. I hardly took a break to eat or sleep. It just took over. The next thing I knew, Witches was a thing. Once we realized what we had, we ran with it. We started recording immediately and just knocked the album out ourselves. It was more like writing a song than an entire record. Very natural, very organic. It came from the heart.

HS- In the 50's after the Crucible was written Arthur Miller came across a lot of back lash for making it an allegory of McCarthyism. Miller refused to "out" people and comply with the committee. Do you think that it is ironic that a play write would be black listed for making a political statement that compared the trails to the red scare? Do you think that this could happen again in our society?

Kimberly: Indeed, it's interesting that Miller was the subject of a witch hunt, himself. This has and will continue to happen in various forms all over the world. The more we learn about events like the Red Scares and the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria, the better equipped we are to resist fear-based oppression. 

HS-. What is your favorite concept album?
Junior: Animals by Pink Floyd. 

         Kimberly: Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd 

HS- What have you been listening to lately?

Junior: I like the new Chvrches album. I'm a synth geek. 

Kimberly: The new Soto album, Inside the Vertigo!! It's Jeff Scott Soto's new project. Loving it. 



HS- Do you have any plans to complete another concept album?
Kimberly: No plans, but I did enjoy writing this one. I like to let inspiration make the call. I can't even tell you what genre the next album's going to be. I just write what I'm feeling.