One Eyed Dolls’ new album Witches

21002 [Converted]



One Eyed Doll's album Witches is a great way to start off the new year. In fact if this is what is in store for music in 2015 then we are looking at a music worthy year. I thought last year the music industry was heading into a great direction with the alternative bands, this new album only reinstates that music is coming back full circle to something worth listening too. It not only has the classic sounds of Kimberly and Junior but it demonstrates the growth of the band. The quality of the songs has stayed the same and there are still fun tracks like in older records but the sound has matured along with them. This is not to say that the older stuff isn't mature, this is saying that as the band progresses into different stages of their career and their music is following suit. Unlike many bands that each album sounds the same or the bands that change their sound radically, One Eyed Doll did neither of these thing. The new album is perfect for where the band is in the career.

The songs were placed perfectly on the album to tell a consecutive story.. Sometimes one hears an album and wonders why that song was placed there, or why that order it is in doesn't flow well. This is not a problem or even a thought that came to my mind. Without being told or reading what I got email wise, I could tell that this was a concept album and much like Tommy and Anti Christ Superstar, one could hear a story from beginning to end. My only problem I had was trying to make sure I kept it low enough in the morning while I was doing my make up. I like it but I'm not sure if my neighbors would appreciate an 8 am metal fest with me. Then again this could be a good way to convert them.

One of the things I judge any album on is how it makes me feel when I am getting ready in the morning. Yes this maybe a little strange but I like to wake up, drink coffee, do my make up and sometimes do my hair. If I have the time and I am in the right mood with the right music I will straighten my hair or add extra things to my make up like glitter or lip stick. This album made me want to sit for a little longer and get ready. There were certain songs that I wanted to hear over again. That is the most important part to me of a good album, the ability to make me feel like I am ready to take the day by the balls.

It is hard to say that others art inspire you to create for yourself but from this album I wrote a review with ease. There was nothing but nice things to say and I had the perfect words flowing through my head to describe this album. I have a hard time saying I like one song more then the other so I am not going to, instead on March 24 you should just buy the new album.