Our Staff

We're just a bunch of pretty cool dudes and dudettes doin' what we like.

Desirae Espinoza- writer-. A Los Angeles native who takes great pleasure in writing, loitering in small bookstores and participating in the ever so sinful act that is as online shopping. Anything that has to do with music, fashion, film or art will probably hold my interest. I run on coffee and mother's circus animal cookies.

Sonora Wong- writer/photographer- Sonora Wong is a 21 year old bald girl who has attended over 200 ska shows from the Bay to LA. She's a traditional Americana tattoo collector, party expert, pot smoking ruffian that enjoys whiskey and pool. You'll find her dressed like a lady and hanging with the boys. 

Brain Hoy-photographer- I was born in Chicago Illinois and moved to Southern California in 1986. I could write that I listen to romantic,easy listening music and that would be a lie because I really like angry,agressive music. I've been capturing moments at concerts with my photography since I first moved out here and continue to do this to this very day. My permanent Facebook profile status should be "does not social network well with others" and that would be an accurate description of me. I hope to change this fact and that's why I decided to join Kelsey's venture with her website.

Phil Reed- photographer- Phil has been around shooting for a while, a veteran of the music world and has shot bands like Pantera. He is very protective of his gear and I would advice no one tap it with you foot.

Kelsey Bowen- writer/editer/owner- I work at OC Weekly and I like it but I am not able to do everything that I want. So I decided that I wanted to go off on my own and although I will never leave there, I want to do more then write a concert once a month. I want to make the magazine that I would read and that's what I doing. I hope everyone else wants to read it too.


contact us at holysupermarkett@gmail.com or kelseybowen77@yahoo.com