Pretty Little Liars the Fashion forward show

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With T.V. Watches at an all time high they have tried to bring in more fashion to some of the shows. One of those shows happens to be Pretty Little Liars. From the beginning of the series they had each character with their own distinct style. The awesome part is that each of these characters have no fashion over lapses ever.

Aria is the alternative style. She goes from having some rock outfits to pin up dresses. Her character is unafraid of mixing prints together along with an ultra high pair of heels. Her make up might be simple but her clothing makes up for the difference. Aria is definitely the one I would relate to the most. It seems like sometimes her character is right before a trend that is coming up for instance the studs. As her character develops through out the show she evolves into a more adult alternative style that fits her perfectly. I have seen some of her cut up shirts on the show and thought I could do that and did.

Hanna is the fashinist. Hannah had gone from the chunky friend who felt bad about herself to the one who wears the tight dress, not slutty at all, stillitos and the jewelery that matches. Her character is always on the ball with what is going on in the fashion world. You can see her style come off of the red carpet pretty much. Not only do her clothes and jewelry match but she also has the most creative nails. That might be a factor that some over look but I am a huge nail art fan. Hanna’s nails go from bright colors, to dark with designs on one nail or one different nail a different color. She follows what is going on in that world to a t. It goes with the rest of her on point fashion character.

Emily went from being unsure of who she was at the beginning of the series to being comfortable in her own skin. Her character had a not so on point fashion sense which reflected the person that she was to being a strong rock and roll tom boy chick. As Emily found herself, her clothes reflected the person that she is becoming. She went from being a standard looking clothing with no personality to having her own personal style. Emily is not afraid to mix tennis shoes with skirts or a nice pair of biker boots. Unlike her friends you are less likely to see Emily in a pair of high heels because that is not who she is. In fact it seems like her character is unafraid to mix hard and soft together.

Finally there is Spencer the preppy one. Spencer comes from a very well off family and her style reflects that. She grew up going to the country club and playing tennis or some fancy dinner. It is clear that she has never stepped foot into anywhere that could have been a discount store. This has nothing to do with who she is as a person but her array of cardigans and long sleeve shirts represent that she is the up tight friend. The preppy style has changed to a certain extant but there is always the staple pieces like the sweaters or button up shirts. For her though, it works out perfectly because she is the friend that is by far more up tight. It is nice that they have fun with some of the staple pieces for instance her cardigans can be found with different prints like animals or they place her into some skirts that would be a little but less an up tight princess.

Over all I would have to say that PLL is one of the most fashion forward shows on the network to date. They have four main females that each have their own distinct style. They also make sure that each male and other female character have a style that goes along with how their personalities. It is fun to not only watch the show but to see what they are going to be wearing. It seems aside from the plot part of what people want to see is what each character is wearing. The show has had a collection at American Outfitters. Aside from that it is fun to see something that as an alternative dresser I would wear. Very few shows have something I would want to buy myself but that is not the case for PLL.