What the Republicans have been doing




  It is 2014 and I feel very angry that I have to write out these words. Recently all of the republicans have voted against a bill that would create equal pay for men and women. Yes that’s right this is still an issue in 2014, not only are the republicans trying to make sure that they cut out many important birth control plans, reducing the time a woman can get an abortion, and health plans but they are also blocking the way to make sure that people can live. Yes live. Let’s be honest gas in California is expensive.  Down the street from my house it is 4.18 for a gallon of gas. I live in the Inland Empire, it has the highest unemployment rate of Southern California and I am apart of that. I being a fairly educated woman, a writer working for some papers have a hard time finding a regular job. I lose out to the single mothers working minimum wage because they need it more. I do not disagree but I matter to. Me trying to live matters. Now if we have a livable wage these women would not have to work three jobs, which would open up a whole mess of new jobs for people like me who have applied at over 500 places and is hoping that I can make it to next month with the 40 dollars I have in my pocket.

           Does any of this matter to the people in the capital? Of course not. I have nothing to offer, I’m smart, I have a mind of my own and I do not want to get married or have kids. I am a nightmare. I am what they are afraid of, that someone will stand up and tell them that they are a piece of shit. Now I have a few people in my corner like Elizabeth Warren who not only wants to make sure that all people can live on minimum wage but she also wants to lower the percentage on student loans. I bet that a lot of people hate her. She wants to make sure that we are all treated equal and can afford to go to school. Oh shit she doesn’t want us to be a slave to the Capital. I’m sure some of you are thinking what is this some sci fi novel? Nope this is real life.  In this day an age it seems that many of the republicans would much rather have us as a slave to them then being able to make a place for our own.

          Its quiet amazing that some of these women, like Phyllis Schlafly who suggest that if there was an equal pay grade women would have a hard time finding a suitable husband because he would make less money then her making him an inferior mate. Um what? Are you for real lady? You really think that most of us would be upset if we made more then the man we were with.  I guess you can’t be to surprise that this woman would say that she also said that there is no rape in a marriage because when you get married you consent to sex. Now Phyllis can you tell me if my skirt is to short and if my hair is to flat? This lady is a wack job and sadly a lot of the republicans still think like this. I personally cannot wait for the election that is coming up in November. No way in hell am I missing a chance to vote some of these fuckers out. There is no way I want to have these crazy fucks in for another two years. What else would they pass?  They are fucking with my rights as a woman and I am not in the least bit ok with this. I do not like that these people are fucking with my pay grade and my body. Not only do they want me to be poor but also they want me to either not have sex at all or have a kid and become apart of the system with this child and then they would still spit on me for having a kid but also I couldn’t have an abortion because they are trying to block that. Well I could because I live in California, one of the few states who have not changed their birth control laws. But what about the other women? The millions that are trying to feed the three kids they have? Working three minimum wage jobs, having their hours cut by McDonalds because they worked to much and this huge cooperation can’t seem to spare the man hours even though they make billions a year. What about those women? What do they get? The shitty end of the stick that’s what they get.

         This isn’t something you can just look away from and hope that it just fixes itself. For some reason these people really hate women, they are literally attacking everything we need in life, health care and a living wage. What are they going to be sending out next the guide to how to wear your skirt and what hairstyles are appropriate? This needs to stop and the only way we can do that is if we vote these people out.