The Rocky Horror Picture Show Mac Make up Bust







Mac came out with one of the best anniversary collection, The Rocky Horror Picture Show . There were a lot of people from all ages excited for this collection to come out and within 14 minutes a large selection of products were gone. This would ordinarily be a great thing but a large portion of those sales went to a few people because some people decide that it is a good thing to buy a large amount of lipstick then they sell it on eBay. These people sell a lipstick anywhere from 50 to 200 dollars. The lipstick is 17.50. This is not okay. A lot of people just want the color for their collection and companies like Mac should regulate how many a person can buy.

My sister was lucky enough to have a friend that went out to buy the shades that I wanted for my birthday. First of all I am grateful to have a sister that would buy me such a thing for my birthday. Secondly I am lucky to have someone like her friend to go out of her way to go to the mall to see if they have it. These collection, like the Hello Kitty, or the Barbie Collection sell out in minutes. This is also a lot of money that the company is missing out on. These people are buying many colors or one shade and selling them to make money on eBay to make an income. One of the stores gave my sister two of the same colors and she gave it to one of her friend who is a huge fan like myself and she started crying because she was so grateful and excited to at least get one shade.

Mac could easily limit the amount a person can buy in one shade per a person. They would make more money as well because people would be inclined to buy more of their products while they are either in stores or online. Lets face it we all look at what is going on in the other collection and we like to mix and match. If you can't get one thing from one of the collection and you are online you won't buy anything else. I was reading through comments and some people had said that they only have an online option and they had other things in the cart to buy but they choose to not buy anything for this reason. Does a company really want to lose this much money? I'm not even a wiz on this stuff but I do understand that when a person makes anywhere from 50-300 dollars for a lipstick more then the company then the wrong people are profiting. What is the difference between this and making a fake product with the logo on it?

When I heard about the product and my black heart was filled with glee, I thought I would just be writing an excited make up review I didn't think that I would be writing a rant. I am over all happy with the product and I love what I have gotten thus far, because I'm lucky and have an awesome sister but getting to have it was a pain in the ass. Not only did they sell out but the continued to advertise they product after the product was sold out. That is how I read most of the comments. Its just insult to injury and it seemed to make people more vocal an angry about their experience.