Selena Gomez Neo Line





When you take different styles like Sporty, Casual, and Rock Chic and wrap them all up into a girly fit with a splash of glitter you get Selena Gomez’s new line for Neo Adidas and it’s awesome.

                  Now seeing as I adore Selena Gomez and think she’s one of the few young celebrities that are actually a good role model for young girls to look up too, I tend to keep up with what she’s doing. I mean for her to emerge from the chaotic cesspool that childhood “stars” wade in and still be successful, adored, AND classy is definitely something only a handful of child actors do. I think her line is the perfect blend of different styles, making her appealing to various audiences which is extremely smart on her part. Selena herself tends to switch up her look on different occasions and her line really expresses that about her. I pulled some pieces that I felt not only represented the idea of appealing to the masses, but they also happened to be my favorites from the line.



  1. NEO SG* Dress – This dress is very cute and girly and I love it. The cut is modest but still fashionable, and the light pink color gives it a very youthful feel. The same dress also comes in black which could be used in a more formal setting.
  2. NEO SG* Sweatshirt—Ah the luxury of being comfortable without looking like a bum. This casual sweatshirt can be worn to go workout or just for a casual night out with friends. The simple star design adds to it as it dresses it up just enough that it’s not longer a “worn around the house only” sweatshirt, but one you wouldn’t be afraid to wear out in public. Oh Selena, how you’ve mastered versatility.
  3. NEO SG* Polyurethane Jacket- The classic leather jacket look minus the cruelty. What more could we ask for? As a proud and strict vegetarian, I have a personal dislike of all leather and furs; which obviously sucks considering I love fashion so much. It’s hard to find a nice “pleather” jacket (if you will) that is actually cute in cut and style. Fortunately the SG line for the NEO label has one in black and silver!
  4. SG* Daily QT Low Shoes- Finally, if we’re talking about Adidas, we gotta talk about shoes! These are one of my favorite shoes of the line. They are casual, good old fashioned sneakers. With all of the high heels and flats women prance around in today, sometimes we just want to throw on a pair of sneakers and call it a day. Luckily with these, you can do just that while still feeling very fashionable with a clean cut, satin shoes with just a dash of glitter.

*SG-stands for Selena Gomez… in case you hadn’t figured it out.

So if you want to check out the rest of the line and maybe pre-order some stuff, you can go to  (which is where I got all of the pictures from to share with you lovely people)