Septic Death

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Violence spreads across the floor of the venue as filthy, bloodied bodies slam dance around a pit to the ear deafening sound of punk rock. For fun, for expression, or for a way out.

In the late 1970’s thru on to the early 80’s a new form of punk rock began erupting, known to us as hardcore. This punk subculture is pretty much to be described as punk rock music that is brusquer with a heavier sound. Most songs are short, sweet and to the point. One band in particular from this genre that has been in my musical rotation for years, is Septic Death. A hardcore band that formed in 1981, Septic Death arose out of Boise, Idaho. The band consists of four members, front man Brian “Pushead” Shroeder, drummer Paul Birmingham, bassist Mike Matlock, and guitarist Jon Taylor.

With such a loud and powerful sound, their music endlessly rapes our ears and sends our emotions spiraling into a frenzy. It takes our minds and expands them so that we may understand our own paranoid and fearful tendencies we go thru as humans. Take for instance the song “Mental Cancer”. They are basically telling us that uh…duh we are being brainwashed. Brainwashed by whom? Society. We make our own decisions so why do you choose to let them tell us what to do. “What made you listen, to their brain-washing of your head, laying in bed won’t cure, the mental cancer you’ve been bred.” We see in the song “Quit”, a time where Septic Death can present to us our darker, weaker side in which we are about to just abandon it all. “Tired of the way things are going, tired of the way things have been, I don’t know where it’s really going, but this is how it’s going to end. I think I’ll just quit…I think I’ll just…”. We can even see a touchier subject shown to us in “Fear”. Do we have to put our faith in one god that’s so “miraculously powerful”? Where are the miracles? “Why need a savior, a savior lets you bleed, god is not mighty, satanic enemy, stand on your own, think for yourself, escape their lie…fear.”

Septic Death has been placed on this planet to expand and challenge our minds, to question society and its beliefs, and to teach us to choose what’s right for ourselves. To show us not to be, just another sheep in the herd.