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Cult of Fake, the album of 2016

images The Cult of Fake is the newest album from Angelspit and like the last album it is mainly Zoog Von Rock on vocals. This however is not like the older discography, instead this sound is more of the EDM variety. I did not like this album the first listen to, aside from the first and title track “Cult of Fake”. I am not a fan of EDM at all, it just isn't my jam but in my outside personal life I am a  very big Angelspit fan and I also like Zoog as a person so instead of writing it off as an album that I would never listen to again I gave it a another shot and this time I set aside my own contempt for EDM and focused on what Zoog had made. After the second listen through then the third I started to really like the album. The lyrics I think is for me what saved the album and peaked my interest. Zoog has said that he does not think of himself as a very talented lyricist (which I disagree full heartily). With what is going on in the world to have an honest lyrics only adds to why this album is worth listening to over and over again. For the most part it seems like a lot of bands are feeding us bullshit, lies that everything will get better, however Angelspit offers us the truth in our current state of dystoptia.

                With the current political convention winding down its easy to get swept up and believe that at some point in time things might get better however Zoog offers us a very honest look into what life has become like for many people particularly in America. “Maintain the illusion thanks for your cooperation”, thank you for your honesty and allowing for the people like myself who are currently tired of the pop princesses and all that other bullshit who are playing for Clinton to speak an hones truth.  Not only does this speak volumes of truth but it also helps for people like myself who feel isolated from the current situation because for some reason it feels like no one else is seeing what kind of horrors we are currently standing in as a global community. I know that I am not alone in feeling like this world is coming to a very strange Brave New World, 1984, Welcome to the Monkey House ending. 

              This is a winner of an album. Although my first impression was not positive, much like in my life nothing ever is but the fact that I continue to listen to it over and over again is the true testament to how I feel about it. It might be a different sound and as read in the interview there was all kinds of different techniques to make the sound the way that it is, (like listening to it through a cup to see what it sounds like? Pure fucking genius) the album still has a very much Angelspit sound and it will be really awesome to hear in place like Das Bunker, or other various clubs that play this kind of music.