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Why Ross was the Worst in Friends

As many of us have seen, Friends has been on Netflix for a while. For a long time I didn't watch more then the first season. From the beginning Ross was the worst, he was always correcting people, pretty sexist and he had an issue as to what being a man is. Through out the series one thing seemed to become clear to me, Ross was fucking annoying and he had an issue with women. For some reason he always had to be right, he didn't allow for his son to play with dolls finding it to be not a toy for boys, he had an issue with his wife being a lesbian because she did not want to stay with him, and when he first started dating Rachel, he didn't like that she was just a waitress.

      I would never date a guy like Ross. He is one of those undercover "nice guys" that aren't really that nice. Sure you would think so, on paper he is, hes from a good family, has a good job and is well edcuated. However he used those things to put himself on a pedistal. Ross had this complex that he was the best thing that could have happened to women. But really he is one of those guys were you think ugh him again. Even when he was dating Mona and wanted his shirt back, he couldn't just call her he had to go into her house to get his shirt. Then while she was hooking up with a guy, HE STAYED IN THE HOUSE. He only thought of himself, not what was best for the people around him.  Fuck Ross. 

             Watching the whole series, one thing became clear, the whinny educated guy seems to get a lot of women. He had complained many times of dry spells and the whole time all I could think of was good, maybe if you were nicer people would want you around. Not only did he treat women not that great, but when him and Joey took a nap on each other, he was the one that was uncomfortable about it. Joey wanted to take another nap with him because he had slept so good, but for someone who has an ex wife that is a lesbian, you woudl think that he would have been more understanding or open to something like that. Hell even if he was more secure in himself he would have been ok with it.