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Men Wearing Make Up and the Greatness it Brings







Within the last year there has been a wonderful surge of men in make up. If you are not up to date on the amazingness of you tube beauty bloggers, we need to talk. With the likes of Jeffree Star, Manny MUA, and Patrick Star, they are teaching us how not only up our make up game but they show us what kind of products work the best, and techniques that work. The make up world has been told that this is no longer for women only, but it is a place for everyone. For a long time it has been looked down upon for men to wear make up, although realisticly some men having been wearing concealer for decades. It has always been a on going joke in various cite coms, a man wearing mascara, foundation whatever, always mocked for such things for many years men have been told that make up is for women, well that is not the case anymore.

Some of these men have been wearing make up for ever. Jeffree Star started his make up life on a little site called Melodramatic; he could not have been more then 17 when he was posting those images, images I remember, ones that inspired me to try make up differently then what I was seeing in magazines or around me. I remember telling him how beautiful he was and how much it meant to me to see him be him. I'm not much younger then he, a few years and I was an awkward teen, chubby, goth, reading books and with a constant bitch face even from a young age, I always felt left out, like there was nothing for me to connect too. Well the wonderful world of the internet lead me to that beautiful man, a person that was unafraid to live his life as he saw fit. Seeing his fearlessness at the same moment that I needed to be inspired to give little fucks had allowed me to give little fucks. Sure my make up looks pretty bad in old pictures but hey at least I was trying something new, learning how colors connected together and what worked and what didn't. As life progress Star worked in music and worked his way to were he is now. I am happy that I am buying his lipsticks and soon his high lighters and eye shadows. This for me is not something that is surprising but expected, I had expected this from the days of melo and revel and love seeing what he comes out with because he is fearless. I watched his you tube video, the one were we see inside his bag and through my laughter it also made me sad that he addressed in a comic way that he's called fagot and has to carry various things to insure his safety. This all for living his life the way that he wanted to because people are ignorant and scared of something new and different.

Manny MUA has also been taking the male make up game to the next level. Within the last year he has worked with all kinds of various brands to have his own products come out, some of which if I had more money I would have bought. (sorry still a broke student it seems to never end, his stuff seems to always hit when I'm at my peak broke bitchness). Although he his some collab lines what really made him famous were his videos in which he interacts as much as possible, ask question he wants his fans to answer and even tells people to fuck off in the cutest way possible. His techniques have helped my make up game, blending in ways I have never thought of. I have even turned on various people to his channel because they saw me watching him and asked me “Who is that person doing make up? He seems so positive I like listening to him.” It is wonderful to see that he not only appreciates his value to the make up world but also knows that he earned his way to were he is now.

Although I'm sure that these men have put up with many awful things to ensure their safety so that they can live the life they want, I am proud to live in an age were we can progress to watch these talented artist do what they do. What make up has become now is more about art and playing with colors and contrast more then because its a standard to make women more attractive. By supporting men in make up we have redefined the idea of what make up is. These are people that I will support as much as possible, whether it be by buying when I can their products, telling my friends they need to try or watch their videos and even the small things of being apart of their snap chat fam, I will support them and the movement they have started. Although I am an English major working towards being a professor it does not mean I can't look fucking good while doing it, with their help I slay it every day I got class, have to review a show or anything else. And when I see Jeffree Star or Manny at some point, which will happen I run into Jeffree Star every so often music journalist I've seen him at Vans Warped Tour, Combichrist etc, I will walk up and tell them how amazing and beautiful they are because its the fucking truth. To end this I will leave a Frankenstein quote that evokes the right emotions, “Beware for I am fearless and therefor powerful”.