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Why We Shouldn’t Be Attacking Our Own Team

There is no surprise to what life after Trump has been elected has become. Most people are pretty upset still and much of what we have seen has been nothing short of a circus. However we have seen a surge of Republicans that have been on our team and  by team I mean they are also wanting to see Trumps tax returns and they want to know what the deal is with Russia. Having people like Senator McCain and former President Bush ask these same questions should make people think that even if they want to know, we should want to know just as much. Instead I have been seeing a surge of people from other magzines saying things like we can't trust Bush because while he was in office he was against gay marriage and don't let his grandpa act fool you. You know what shut the fuck up, just because you don't like what he had done over a decade ago doesn't mean that we need to kick him off of our team, the team that Bernie Sanders is on. It is incredibly important to see people like Bush saying that as the people of this country we have the right to know what is going on in that office.

     Sure it would be easy to discredit Bush because he was not the greatest of Presidents. Sure it would be easy to shrug it off because he is on a book tour for his book of paintings (which is by the way of 9/11 veterans so suck on that) but right now we need to stop pitting people against each other because of what their polictical standing. If one of Bush's daughters is fighting for Planned Parenthood, and he is openingly speaking out agianst Trump, something he never did with Obama, then why are we talking shit about him? With all of this chaos that is going on right now people need to get over their own personal shit from ten years ago and focus on the main point, what is going on all around is. I'm not saying to forget what he has done because that matters but what I am saying is to not kick off someone from your own team.