The Purge





In a future version of America where the country has become a Utopia of sorts due to the annual "purge", James Sandin (played by Ethan Hawke) is suddenly burdened with ensuring the survival of his family as well as himself. The event known as the purge allows citizens one night a year (for 12 hours) to commit any sort of violent or criminal act without the consequences of punishment as emergency services are shut down. This event allows for the country to remain as peaceful and prosperous as it is for the rest of the year. The movie takes a turn of events when something goes completely wrong during this particular  purge and the Sandin family finds themselves fending off various attackers and problems as the night plays out.

I was very excited to see this film as I found the trailers and previews to be so enticing. To say that the film was amazing or very impressive would be a lie; however, I did enjoy the movie and as aforementioned, it was good for what it was meant to be. The plot line is very unique and the overall concept of the film is very interesting. Apart from that, I also found myself drawn to Rhys Wakefield's character Henry as he did a fantastic job playing a bat shit crazy privileged youth. Henry and his group of polite psychos are definitely a cool aspect of the film.

In all, I really did enjoy the film. I mean its not something I would recommend you go out and see immediately and spend a shit ton of money watching it at a high-end theatre, but if you can appreciate a movie like this, it's worth a Sunday matinee price for sure!