Victoria Secret is more then just Bras




      Well it’s now 2014 and I figured some change was in order for the New Year! You know, the whole “new year, new you” business is well on its way for me. (Well, that and the fact that I just needed some new powder foundation because the one I was using before was sort of “blah” for lack of a better word.) Whilst perusing the makeup counter during my last trip to Victoria’s Secret (VS), I decided to pick up a couple makeup products and there are two really worth mentioning: the Pressed Mineral Face Powder and the Color Drama Lipstick.

                  Firstly let’s talk about the Pressed Mineral Face Powder (which can be found here: http://www.victoriassecret.com/beauty/vs-make-up/minerals-pressed-face-powder-vs-makeup?ProductID=5303&CatalogueType=OLS) and how lovely of a product it truly is, especially at $16 a box. Usually I’m not the biggest fan of mineral powder because I find the coverage to be little to none making my purchase of said powder to be pointless. The VS pressed powder actually has a good amount of coverage while still being light enough to not be considered “cake-up” which I love. Like other powders, this product comes in many colors (I am rather fair so I use “Light 10”) to match all skin types. What is so appealing about this powder is the split pallet. On the left side is the normal pressed powder and on the right is the same powder mixed with the shimmer found in many mineral powder products. I like that only half of the pallet uses shimmer so that the face is highlighted but not overly shiny or glittered. Overall, this is one of the better facial powders I have used and I plan on keeping it around for a while. I recommend giving it a chance if you’re in need of some new beauty products.

                  Now we should take a moment to discuss the other product I fell in love with, the VS Color Drama Lipstick, particularly the shade “Irresistible”.  While I couldn’t find a link for it on the website, I recently bought mine in store and this is what the shade looks like:

Running at $13 a tube, this lipstick is not only affordable, but absolutely adorable. I can’t remember the last time I was this drawn to a bright pink lipstick. My current collection of lipsticks includes various hues of reds, a few peaches and some nudes. This bright pink instantly caught my eye and I thought “what the hell? I don’t have the shade or anything like it, might as well!” and thankfully it looks great on. The color might be a bit vibrant for some, but I think for the average modern girl, this color is fun and flexible. Aside from the awesome color, the product itself is really great. The lipstick glides on smoothly and lasts throughout the day. I can only give this lipstick my highest regards, and I definitely plan to go back and grab some other colors from the line.

Well I hope this has been helpful if you were looking for some new makeup pieces to add to your collection. Happy hunting!